Frankenstein – Frankenfolio (Layered Curriculum Study) 

Melissa Wotherspoon
Clarington Central Secondary School
Bowmanville, Ontario (Canada)

Chapter Presentations: 

Each publishing company is responsible for three, 15-20-minute chapter presentations.  Presentations occur on a daily basis.  Companies will lead discussion of themes, motifs, plot, character development, significant quotes (including literary devices), etc.  Presentations should include one interactive component (guided discussion, game, activity, etc.)  Presentations are peer-marked and awarded to the entire group. 

Schedule of chapter presentations:

Group 1:   Chapters 1, 9, 17    Group 5:  Chapters 5, 13, 21

Group 2:   Chapters 2, 10, 18   Group 6:  Chapters 6, 14, 22

Group 3:    Chapters 3, 11, 19   Group 7:  Chapters 7, 15, 23

Group 4:  Chapters 4, 12, 20   Group 8:  Chapters 8, 16, 24 

C Layer Activities – COMPLETE FOUR ACTIVITIES  Checked on: ______________________ 

Each activity…

…is worth 10 points

…will be marked out of ten, must be peer edited using the process discussed (with the exception of quizzes and presentations), must be accompanied by an edited rough copy and peer assessment (with the exception of quizzes and presentations) 

qq Convert a set of seminar notes (from B Layer) into graphic organizer format (concept map, Venn diagram, flowchart, table, etc.)  (include in Frankenfolio) 

q Have a short conversation with the teacher about one of the chapters in the book.  Be prepared to answer questions about plot,  characters, setting, narration and significant literary devices (oral defense) 

q Modernize the exchange of letters between Victor and Elizabeth (ch. 6) by converting it to an MSN conversation. (include in  Frankenfolio or present screen shots to class – give teacher advance notice for presentation) 

q Create a character web for one of the characters in the novel.  Include proof from the text. (include in Frankenfolio) 

q Create a one-page diary entry from Victor’s point of view immediately following the Creature’s “birth”.  Victor’s reactions should be  consistent with those we see him experiencing at that moment in the novel. (include in Frankenfolio) 

q Create ten vocabulary flash cards using unfamiliar words from the text.  Include for each an original sentence that incorporates that  word.  (oral defense) 

q Condense the series of letters in the beginning of the book into a series of short telephone messages or text messages that  Robert leaves for his sister Margaret. (peer-marked presentation, no submission) 

q Choose a song that corresponds the mood of one part of the novel. (peer-marked presentation, no submission) 

q Choose a piece of art or music from the Romantic Period.  Show or pllay an excerpt of the piece and explain how it exemplifies the  characteristics of the Romantic Period. (peer-marked presentation, no submission) 

q Choose a movie that demonstrates Gothicism.  Play it for the class and explain its Gothic characteristics (peer-marked presentation, no  submission) 

q Create and perform an interpretive dance based on the  moment of the Creature’s “birth”.  Explain the significance of the  movements in your dance. (peer-marked performance, no submission) 

q Create a do-it-yourself manual on how to create your own creature, based specifically on descriptions of Victor’s creation  (include in Frankenfolio) 

qq Complete a chapter quiz (ch. 1-3 and ch. 4-6)  

B Layer Activities – COMPLETE THREE ACTIVITIES Checked on: ______________________ 

Each activity… 

…is worth 10 points

…must be peer edited using the process discussed, must be reviewed by the teacher through informal interview

…must be accompanied by an edited rough copy and peer assessment 

Mini-Lecture Presentations (Complete this activity, plus two others) 

Individually or in groups of 2 or 3, sign up for one of the following topics and teach a 10-minute lesson to the class.  Your peers are required to have a set of notes for each of the lessons presented.  Incorporate at least one audio-visual component and one interactive component.  Lessons are in order of presentation (taking place beginning week 2 of novel study):

1.  ____________________ The Life of Mary Shelley

2.   ____________________ The Advent of Science Fiction

3.   ____________________ Frame Narrative in Frankenstein

4. ____________________ The Romantic Period

5. ____________________ Gothic Horror

6. ____________________ Victorian England

7. ____________________ Women in Victorian Society

8. ____________________ Prometheus and other allusions in Frankenstein

9. ____________________ The Meaning of “Gothic” – Past and Present

10. ____________________ Sublime Nature

11. ____________________ Dangerous Knowledge in Frankenstein

12. ____________________ Monstrosity in Frankenstein

13. ____________________ Passive Women in Frankenstein

14. ____________________ Edgar Allan Poe

15. ____________________ Other (must be approved by teacher) 

q Write a letter to one character from the book in which you explain why you either agree or disagree with specific actions  he/she has taken, what you think he/she should do next and why. (include in Frankenfolio) 

q Have a short conversation with your teacher about a selection of text on which you have performed a close analysis.  Consider  elements such as literary devices, characterization, theme, diction, etc. (oral defense) 

q Choose an event in the book that makes you feel any kind of strong emotion and write a poem about it (no need to rhyme!) (read to  class for peer assessment or include in Frankenfolio) 

q Alone or with a partner, act out a scene from the book or  perform tableaux of major events from the novel. (peer marked)   

q Create a plot graph of significant quotations from the first half of the novel.  You must include at least eight quotations.  (presentation and peer mark, oral defense, or inclusion in Frankenfolio) 

q Choose a song that you feel defines one of the characters in the novel.  Provide the lyrics in the form of an overhead and  explain (using specific references from the book) how this song defines the character you have chosen.  (presentation and peer mark) 

q Create a page from Victor Frankenstein’s lab journal.  Include doodles, random thoughts, etc.  You must hand in an analysis of your  work with at least three direct references from the text.  

A Layer Activities – COMPLETE ONE ACTIVITY  Checked on: ______________________ 

q Write a 5-paragraph essay on the representation of the female in Frankenstein (two peer-edits, rough copies, good copy) 

q Find a newspaper, magazine article, news clip, etc. on a current bioethical issue.  Write a personal response from the Creature’s  perspective.  Include direct references from the text (proof that indicates why the Creature would think a certain way) 

q Develop and present a 2-minute monologue for one character in the novel. 

q Create an original piece of art depicting a setting from the book.  This piece should be in the style of an artist from the Romantic  Period.   

Summary of Frankenfolio Requirements: 

q Decide on a Frankenfolio format – include a table of contents, and divide your Frankenfolio into sections

q Four C-Layer Activities, three B-Layer Activities, one A-Layer Activity

q All lecture notes from mini-presentations (-5% if not included)

q Two sets of peer editing comments for all written work (comments don’t have to come from Publishing Company)

q You will be awarded up to 5% for the overall appearance of your Frankenfolio package

q Self-Evaluation using the rubric provided

q Completed reflection sheet (5%)

q This checklist, completed (-2% if not included)

q In order for your mark to be recorded, you must provide a response to teacher feedback.