Melissa Wotherspoon
Clarington Central Secondary School
Bowmanville, Ontario (Canada)

SNC 1D1  Unit 2:  REPRODUCTION     Name: __________________________ 

You will now keep THREE sections in your science binder.  The first is for all notes and activities completed in class.  The second section is for your Chemfolio activities.  The Third is for your Reprofolio.  This checklist is your first page of the Reprofolio.  It will help you keep track of your unit completion.  Choose those you will enjoy. 


q Participation in all quizzes and activities, note-taking, homework completion

C Layer (you must complete 100 points before moving on to the “B” Layer)   

Will be checked on: ___________ 

Options (10 points each): 

qqq Lecture notes in graphic organizer format (e.g. concept map, flowchart, etc.) (max. of 3)

q 20 Vocabulary cards with definitions from all 4 chapters (oral defense)

qqq Watch a video and write down 5 things that you learned. (oral defense) (max of 3)

q Draw scientific diagrams of a plant cell AND an animal cell (peer marked; submit marking sheet)

q Create a PowerPoint slideshow explaining a concept from chapter 5 or 6 (teacher marked in class)

q Perform a skit, song, or dance that outlines mitosis (small groups) (peer and teacher marked)

q Write a rhyming poem about mitosis (written and submitted or oral defense)

q Write a diary entry from the point of view of Celia Cell and the day she underwent mitosis  

q Create a poster illustrating the different stages of mitosis

q Read pages 164-165, then answer the following textbook questions:  p. 165 #1-7 (oral defense option)

q Read pages 194-197, then answer the following questions: p. 197 #1-6 (oral defense option)

qq Complete a career profile from chapters 5-8

q Draw a series of diagrams which illustrate the cloning process

q Notebook check (notes in proper sections, dated, neat…show me any time after finishing chapter 5)

q Caregiver Signature: “I have reviewed this unit project sheet”: _________________________________ 

B Layer (you must complete 60 points before moving on to the A Layer)

Will be checked on: _________________________ 

Required B Layer activities (30 points): 

q One full laboratory write-up from the unit (rough copy peer reviewed before submission; use peer  lab write-up editing sheet; submit this sheet along with a rough and final copy)

Options (15 points each): 

q Compare the parts of a cell to the parts of a computer

qq Explore an Issue (Slowing Down Aging, Transplant Farms, Genetic Screening, Fetal Alcohol  Syndrome)

q Clone and grow a plant.  Include a photodiary for your experiment

q Choreograph and teach a meiosis dance

q Research how cloning has been portrayed in the movies (e.g. Multiplicity, Gattaca, The Island).  Are  they being fair and accurate?

q Write a report (include diagrams) comparing the embryonic development of two species

q Compare and contrast the three kinds of microscopes studied using a Venn diagram.

q Build an edible model of a plant cell OR an animal cell (submit with description of cell “parts”) 

A Layer (complete 30 points before submitting your Chemfolio) 

Will be checked on: _____________________ 

Options (30 points each): 

q Create an illustrated book that teaches one of the concepts from this unit.  

q With a partner, prepare and present a 5-10 minutes debate on genetic screening.  One person should  argue for, and the other should argue against.  (peer and teacher marked) 

q Study the grade 9 Ontario science curriculum for reproduction (Google it online).  Using a T-chart,  make a  list of aspects you like about it, and a list of aspects you would change.  Write a letter to the  Ministry of Education explaining why you would make changes, or what you would like to see and  why. 

q Compose and perform a song (or change the words of an existing song and perform it) that could be  used to educate  people about one of the topics addressed in this unit.  Teach it to the class! 

q Complete one of the three challenges on pages 258-259.  

q Create a painting that zooms in on a group of animals or plant cells.  Remember, you wouldn’t see them  as flat shapes.  Additional research will be necessary.  Your painting should be both visually engaging  and informative.  Cite the resources you use, and briefly describe the information you found. 

q Critique a current, primary source article related to a reproductive technology (e.g. stem cell research, in  vitro fertilization, cloning, etc.)  In the first paragraph, introduce the topic.  In the second paragraph,  summarize the article.  In the third paragraph, state your  opinions about the content of the article, with  your reasons.  What aspects of this research do you agree with?  Why?  What aspects do you disagree with?  Why? 

10 points will be awarded for overall appearance (make it shnazzy!)

Additional items to include in your Reprofolio:

q Self-Evaluation using the rubric provided

q Completed reflection sheet

q This checklist, completed

q In order for your mark to be recorded, you must provide a response to teacher feedback. 

Final Reprofolio to be submitted on: _________________________ 

Late work will be assigned a mark of zero as per science department policy. 

Please see me if you experience any extenuating circumstances.