Mellisa Warren
EDSE 3348
Layered Curriculum
Professor Sorrell

Texas Natural Resources

4th grade Social Studies

Student name:________________________Period:____________Duedate:______________________

Section 1: C Layer          50 Points

  1. Identify the major dam systems in Texas and the purpose of the dam.  10 points 

(you can make an illustration or write a summary)


  1. Watch video on natural resources in Texas and present your findings orally 10 points

to the class on one natural resource. (your choice)


  1. Create a T chart to compare and contrast how agricultural production has     10 points

increased in the past 20 years.  


  1. Find an article online about energy production, wetland drainage, and    10 points

timber clearing in Texas and create a collage of facts for each one.


  1. Worksheet on the benefits and consequences of energy production for          10 points

Texas cities. 


  1. Create a map of Texas and locate where natural resources are refined.            10 points

Must include key. Draw or create on computer (your choice).


  1. Create a power point presentation on how Texas use natural resources            10 points

in everyday life.


  1. Turn in notes you have taken on your own during instruction       10 points

(must be in outline form and from 3 separate days).


  1. Independently read chapter 10, give an oral summary to teacher or                  10 points

complete chapter questions 1-10.


  1. Listen to an audio book on one of the natural resources refined in Texas

and present the benefits it provides to Texas citizens.                                        10 points





Section II: B Layer      Choose one              20 points

  1. Create a public service announcement on how to conserve natural resource

in Texas using technology.

  1. Graph the growth or decline of natural resources refined in Texas from 1960-present.

Examples timber clearing, agricultural production, wetlands drainage, energy

production and construction of dams.

  1. Make a brochure using the facts you gathered from layer C to showcase the

benefits of utilizing natural resources for economical gain and growth.


Section III: A Layer      Choose one  *Defend your answer*                 30 points

  1. What is more important economic gain or the environmental factors

in refining the natural resources in Texas?

  1. Should Texas or the Government control the production of Texass natural resources?
  2. What is the most valuable natural resource in Texas?

****5 points extra credit if you correctly add your points and turn in on time****



Total Points ______

Grade Scale:             0-40    = F

41-55   = D

56-70   = C

71-85   = B

86-100 = A









Social Studies 4.9


(9) Geography. The student understands how people adapt to and modify their environment. The student is expected to:

(A) describe ways people have adapted to and modified their environment in Texas, past and present, such as timber clearing, agricultural production, wetlands drainage, energy production, and construction of dams;

(C) compare the positive and negative consequences of human modification of the environment in Texas, past and present, both governmental and private, such as economic development and the impact on habitats and wildlife as well as air and water quality.

L.Arts 4.11 (D) use multiple text features and graphics to gain an overview of the contents of text and to locate information.

Technology Application 4.2

(A) use a variety of input devices such as mouse, keyboard, disk drive, modem, voice/sound recorder, scanner, digital video, CD-ROM, or touch screen. (B) use software programs with audio, video, and graphics to enhance learning experiences.