The Time Machine – Layered Curriculum Study 

Melissa Wotherspoon
Clarington Central Secondary School
Bowmanville, Ontario (Canada)

C Layer Activities 

Each activity… will be marked out of ten, must be peer edited using the process discussed (with the exception of quizzes), must   be accompanied by an edited rough copy and peer assessment (with the exception of quizzes) 

Complete THREE activities (they can be in the same category, or from four different categories) before moving on to the B Layer.   

To be completed by: ____________________________ 















B Layer Activities 

Each activity… will be marked out of ten, must be peer edited using the process discussed, must be reviewed by the teacher   through informal interview must be accompanied by an edited rough copy and peer assessment 

Alone or with a partner, sign up for one of the following topics and teach a 15-minute lesson to the class.  Your peers are required to have a set of notes for each of the lessons presented.  Incorporate at least one audio-visual component and one interactive component.  Lessons are in order of presentation (taking place during week 2):

1.  ____________________ The Life of H.G. Wells

2.   ____________________ The Science Fiction Genre

3.   ____________________ The Time Machine: A Dystopia

4. ____________________ Frame Narrative

5. ____________________ Diction

6. ____________________ Victorian England

7. ____________________ Women in Victorian Society

8. ____________________ Communism and Time Traveller’s first theory

9. ____________________ The Capitalist and the Labourer: Time Traveller’s ultimate theory

10. ____________________ Possible sources for the terms “Eloi” and “Morlock”

11. ____________________ Wells’ teacher, T.H. Huxley

12. ____________________ References from the novella (choose three): Grant Allen, Charles Darwin, Carlyle,      Nebuchadnezzar, Kodak, Carlovingian Kings

13. ____________________ Other (must be approved by teacher)

Complete TWO of the following before moving on to A Layer Activities.  To be completed by: ___________________________ 











A Layer Activities 

Each activity will be marked using the rubrics provided 

All students are required to participate in the following formal debate: 

                  “Is democracy, as is so often assumed, really the best form of government?” 


Democracy is best defined as government of the people, by the people. In the West we can tend to assume that democracy is the only valid form of government. However, this assumption must be justified. The classical example of a democracy is that of Ancient Athens, where the whole populace would meet in the marketplace to vote on decisions. It can be argued from this position that modern ‘democracies’ are not in fact democratic. 

In addition to the formal debate, complete ONE of the following, peer-edited activities: