Bacteria (Kingdom Monera)

Mrs. Gibson


Nute High School

Name: _____________________________________

Unit 7: Bacteria

Due Date: 12/7/05 

Objectives: At the end of this unit you will be able to:

  1. Describe the structure of a bacterial cell.
  2. Contrast a bacterial cell with a eukaryotic cell.
  3. Recognize the beneficial effects of bacteria.
  4. Recognize that human disease may originate from bacteria.
  5. Summarize ways to prevent bacterial diseases.
  6. Recognize the importance of antibiotics in fighting bacterial diseases.

Required Assignments. (This means you MUST do them.)

______ “C Level”.  (TP level) - 25 points are necessary for a C

___ 1. Read pages 339 – 343 in your book on Bacteria.  Be able to answer questions. (5 points) 

___ 4. Using materials of your choice, make a 3-D model of a prokaryotic cell. (10 points)  

___ 9. Make a booklet of Internet sites dedicated to bacteria. Include cover page, table of

“B” Level: 15 points maximum Choose one. ________________________

Note: All these labs require streaking a plate of agar with bacteria. You must watch and listen to the demonstration to do the labs.

These must be done in class!  A poster must be made to show your results. 

___ 1. Grow a collection of bacteria from at least 5 places on your body. Describe your

___ 2. Does handwashing reduce the bacteria on your hands? Prove it. 

___ 3. Find a place in the school "germier" than our doorknob. 

___ 4. Does Listerine really kill germs in the mouth?  Prove it! 

“A” Level: 15 points maximum. Choose one. ______________________ 

___ 2. What caused the E.coli deaths from Jack-in-the-Box a few years ago?