We All Start Somewhere

Mrs. Gibson


Nute High School  


Unit 1: We All Start Somewhere (Advanced)

Due Date: 9/9/05 

The Scientific Method

Objectives: At the end of this unit you will be able to:

1. Design and carry out a basic experiment.

2. Put the parts of the scientific method in order.

3. Explain the different parts of the scientific method.

4. Identify the different parts of a lab write up.

5. Demonstrate an understanding that the same data can lead to different interpretations and conclusions and that different interpretations and conclusions are not necessarily wrong, but can be useful in developing other scientific questions.

6. Describe a controlled experiment.

7. Know the rules of laboratory safety and use them in all lab work.

8. Know the basic concepts of laboratory drawings.

9. Demonstrate the process of seed germination. 

Required Assignments. (This means you MUST do them.) 

_____ 2. Design and perform an experiment on plant growth. 

_____1. Read about scientific investigation on pages 11 – 18.  Be able to answer questions.

_____21. Design/AND SING a song about the scientific method - 10 pts

_____22. Design/AND PERFORM a skit about the scientific method - 10 pts

____________  “B” Level: Choose ONE only.  

____________ “A” Level: Choose ONE only.  

Vocabulary for Unit 1




scientific method


independent variable

dependent variable

safety symbol