3500 B.C.-1700 B.C.
Miriam Berg
Olson Middle School
Woodstock, Illinois

Assignments that have a star* next to them are required!! Failure to complete these assignments will result in 5 points off for each not completed.

You must achieve at least 70 points in the C level in order to complete work from the A or B levels.

3 points each
____1. *Read chapter 3 section 1 and do the section review questions. (# 2-4)
____2. *Read chapter 3 section 2 and do the section review questions. (#2-4)
____3. *Read chapter 3 section 3 and do the section review questions. (#1-3)
____4.   Complete 1 reading strategy of your choice to any of the above listed sections.

5 points each
____5.   Fill out a BINGO card with the _______ vocabulary words from the list, get to know the meanings of the words, and hang onto the card!!
____6.   Play the BINGO game. Try to win!
____7.   Listen and take notes on the lecture, The Rise of Sumer.
____8.   Listen and take notes on the lecture, Religious and Family Life.
____9.   Listen and take notes on the lecture, Priests and Kings.
____10. Listen and take notes on the lecture, Later Mesopotamian Empires.
____11. Listen and take notes on the lecture, Contributions.
____12.  Watch the video, Mesopotamia~Return to Eden, and complete the assignment.
____13.  Create a mini poster (8 ½ X 11) highlighting how religion, family life, and government played apart of Sumer  (Only use colored pencils!!)
____14.  Create a mini model or a detailed floor plan of a Ziggurat, using any materials.
             (Only use colored pencils if choosing the floor plan!!)
____15.  complete the fact sheet on the article, Sumer, Babylonia, and Assyria.
____16. *Using the climate information packet, find 4 climate characteristics of Mesopotamia and  complete the climate web..
____17.  Make an acrostic using the word “SUMERIANS”. Each letter needs to represent a characteristic or fact about the Sumerians or Sumer.
____18.  Using the markers at the window, on one of the 4 panes, make a list of differences and   similarities of ancient Sumerians and pre-historic man. You must have at least 5 of each in your lists

8 Points each
____19.  *Complete the detailed map of Mesopotamia
____ 20. Read the article on Sargon the Great. Write a 2-paragraph summary of the article and attach a small colored picture retelling a part of the article. (Only use colored pencils!!)

Choose one of the following for a maximum of 10 points. The assignment should be turned in with your assignment sheet on the due date.

____1. Write a cohesive detailed paper (1/2 page typed or 1 page hand written) free of spelling  and grammar errors that COMPARES AND CONTRASTS the region on of ancient Mesopotamia to its current geography.

____2.Make an illustrated, detailed timeline of Mesopotamia. Include AT LEAST 10 events, dates, and a colored picture on the provided timeline paper.
A-LEVEL  Choose one of the following for a maximum of 10 points.  The assignment must be turned in with the assignment sheet on the due date. You must do a “B” level activity in order to complete an “A” level activity.
____1. The Sumerian people belonged to the first know civilizations on earth.  In a one-half page typed or a one full page written paper describe some of the contributions to other civilizations they are responsible for.  Give examples and details.  Name at least 3 contributions.

____2. . Read the information on Gilgamesh and create a 8-square comic strip which tells the important details/facts of his life. Some information is provided for you, but further research will be necessary. (Color is optional…use colored pencils if you are)

Take Home Assignments:

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