Misty Jurss

San Antonio, Tx


Due Date________

How to eat fried worms

Required- Read the book (25 points)

Section I – Choose at least 3 of these assignments below for a maximum of 45 points

  1. Pick a character of the book and make up the history of this character. Exp: What is his birthday? Do they have any siblings? What is their favorite sport? Anything that can make this character alive to you and your classmates. (15 points)
  2. Watch the movie and create a van diagram comparing the book to the movie. (15 points)
  3. Choose 15 words from the book that you do not know and create flash cards with the words definition on the front and a sentence using the word on the back. (Remember not to start the sentence with the word I) (15 Points)
  4. Write a paragraph telling the class what you think a true friend is. Do the characters in the book match your definition of a true friend? (15 Points)
  5. Create a new cover for the book. Make sure that the reader will be able to have some idea of what the book is about. (15 Points)
  6. With 15 vocabulary words create a crossword puzzle. Use the definitions as the clues for the words or an example sentence from the book. (15 Points)
  7. Re-act your favorite part of the book with a few of your classmates. All will get credit for their participation. (15 Points)

Section II - Choose 1 from the list below. Worth 15 points

  1. Pick out your favorite character and make a time line of moments when they were a true friend.
  2. Looking at your van diagram from Section I, which part of the book that was left out should have been in the movie. What difference to the story would it have made?
  3. Create your own cookbook of receipts for worms. Make sure there is a cover page and pictures of the finished plate. You can look at other cookbooks for ideas and change the meat product for worms.

Section III - Choose 1 from the list below. Worth 15 points

  1. Create your own character for the book. Describe them and explain which side of the challenge they would be on.
  2. Do you think that challenges like this are given in friendship group in real life? Would you be a part of one if there was? Give examples of some challenges given that you have seen or heard and tell if you understand the reasons for them or not. Pick a side of the challenge and state your case for or against it. Must be at least one page.