Layered Curriculum – World History
Early Civilizations
Nancy Cooper
Veribest ISD

In this unit, you will be learning about the characteristics of civilization, and how civilization emerged.  You will be learning about cultural interaction, the importance of trade, and the rules, values, and social hierarchy of theses ancient civilizations.  For this unit, the class will be participating in layered curriculum.  You may select any of the following assignments.  Each assignment is worth a different number of points; more difficult assignments are worth more points.  Layer C assignments require the least amount of critical thinking, Layer A require the most. 

For this unit you must earn ___________ total points.  These assignments are due _____________.

Layer C

_______15 points:  Answer the following questions from your text book
            Pg.  25 # 1,4a,
            Pg. 29 #3 a, and c
            Pg. 40 # 1, 3 a and b
            Pg. 47 # 2 and 3

_______15 points:  Answer the following questions from your text book

            Pg.  55 # 3 a and b
            Pg. 65 # 1 and 2
            Pg.  79 # 1, 3 a and b
            Pg. 92 # 3

_______20 points:  Make vocabulary flashcards using 25 words associated with this unit.  Exchange cards with One of your classmates and learn each others words.  (good words to use: polytheism,  Theocracy, hieroglyphics, monotheism, city-states, Buddhism, caste system, reincarnation, Taoism, Confucianism, mandate of heaven, democracy, oligarchy, acropolis, stoicism, Senate, praetors, consults, Hammurabi’s code)

_______20 points:  Create a map of Mesopotamia and the Nile River Valley.  Compare and contrast the Geographic features of these valleys using maps, photographs, and other pictorial sources. Identify common features that affect agriculture and food supplies. 

_______10 points:  Create a portrait of your 1st and last name written in hieroglyphics or cuneiform.

_______15 points:  Explain how the Nile River impacted Egyptian life, create a mosaic to visualize
                                The impact of the Nile on Egypt
______20 points:  Trace on a map long-distance trade routes by land and sea connecting India, Mesopotamia, and Egypt.  List goods traded along these routes and methods of record keeping and  ownership.  Why were these goods important to different societies?

_______40 points: Take notes over lectures that cover this unit

_______20 points: on a map of China, label the important rivers, canals, waterways, and roads. 

_______40 points:  Research the Great Wall of China. Why was it built, who built it? Write a 1 ½ - 2 page Report on the great wall (must be in your own words, no cut and paste from the Internet). Create a collage of pictures of the Great Wall to accompany your report.

_______25 points:  The Mesopotamians created the sun-dial.  Create a sun-dial based on their design

_______20 points:  Summarize the link between agriculture and religion in Sumer

_______15 points:  Create a chart identifying the causes and effects of conflicts in the Fertile Crescent

_______15 points:  On a blank map of India, label the major rivers, the ancient city of Harappa, Indus River Valley, Aryan civilization, Mohenjo-Daro, and the Ganges River Valley

_______30 points:  Create a Venn Diagram comparing Confucianism and Legalism

_______30 points:  Create a “rap” about Qin China

_______25 points:  Create a crossword puzzle of Han achievements

Layer B

________40 points:  Recite and dramatize at least 10 lines from the Epic of Gilgamesh

________40 points:  Write a paper in support of or against the following statement:  The art of writing Has done more to aid civilizations progress more than the radio, T.V., or computer

_______40 points:  Create a chart explaining the Indian Caste System, include illustrations on your chart

_______40 points:  Create a travel brochure of Mohenjo-Daro, including information about things such as Accommodations, travel routes, and what tourist can expect to see and do

_______35 points:  Create a chart or diagram comparing and contrasting Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism. Write a 1 ½ to 2 page paper explaining how these philosophies have influenced China, and How each originated.

_______40 points:  Create a skit entitled “A Day in the life of Ur” and role-play characters such as ruler, Priest, warrior, scribe, artisan, farmer, merchant, slave, parents,

Layer A

_______50 points:  compare and contrast Mesopotamian ziggurats and Egyptian pyramids.  What economic And social preconditions had to exist to make their buildings possible.  What motives Impelled their building?  What difference did they make to the lives of those who Ordered them built and those who actually labored in the building process.  Create a Model to accompany your report.

_______50 points:  Take on the role of a Shang ruler, one of the King’s noble vassals, a woman of the upper Class, a bonded peasant, and a slave.  Describe your rights and responsibilities and your Relationship to those above and below you in the social class.

_______50 points:  From historical sources, create a chart of important technological advances such as the bow and arrow, pottery, the wheel, weaving, the sail, bronze casting, the plow, wheel, and so on.  Show the possible source of the invention, approximate time of introduction, and uses.  What impact did these technologies have on the lives of people who used them? what impact did they have on the social and political organization of the people who used them?

_______60 points:  Drawing on historical information create a skit about the daily life of  a pastoral family. Present your skit to the class.  Use props and costumes in your skit.