U.S. History Since 1865 – Review
Nancy Cooper
Veribest ISD

The purpose of this unit is to review key concepts learned in the first part of American History. Information for this unit is contained in your textbook chapters 2 – 7.   This unit is worth 120 points, all 3 layers must be completed.  Completing layer B and A in lieu of an exam is no longer an option.  At the end of this unit, you should be able to answer the following questions:

1.    There are 5 critical dates in early American history, you need to know each date, and why it is significant: 1607, 1776, 1787, 1803, and 1861 – 1865.

2.    What documents influenced the U.S. Constitution, and in what way?  How did representative government develop in the colonies?

3.    What were the key issues and events surrounding the American Revolution including the following: Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Lexington and Concord, Saratoga, Yorktown, and the Treaty of Paris?  

4.    What role did the following individuals play in the creating of the U.S.?

a.    George Washington        f.  Samuel Adams
b.    Thomas Jefferson        g.  King George III
c.    Benjamin Franklin        h. Marquis de Lafayette
d.    James Madison        i.  Thomas Paine
e.    John Adams

5.    As a new nation, what troubles did the United States face?

6.    How were colonial grievances addressed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights

7.    What were the Articles of Confederation and why were they ineffective?

8.    What was the impact of the Civil War amendments?

9.    What events led to the Civil War, including the issues over state’s rights and the Nullification Crisis?  

You should also be able to define the following words:

English Bill of Rights        Federalist        Magna Carta        
Mayflower Compact        Nullification Act    inalienable    
Locke’s Second Treatise    Marbury v. Madison    
Monroe Doctrine        Washington’s Farewell Address
Bill of Rights            American Revolution        
Jamestown            nullification        Articles of Confederation
Mercantilism            Dred Scott v. Sanford        

Layer C  - 100 points
·    assignments with an asterisk next to them must be completed

_______10 points*      create a thematic map of the 13 colonies.  Include the name of the Colony, who settled it, year it was formed, and pictures indicating what they did for economic activities.

_______5 points*     Use a paper plate to create a pizza wheel for the important dates,  You must take a quiz and earn a grade of 100% to get credit for this assignment.

_______10 points     select and event on the time line on pages 40 – 41.  Learn more about this event, write a brief 1/2 – 1 page description on the impact this event had on American history.  

_______10 points     prepare a speech that a recruiter working in an English town could use to recruit women for life in one of the American colonies.  The speech should incorporate details about life in America, and information about the geography and climate.  

_______10 points    Select an event from chapter 2.  With a group, prepare a short reenactment of the event for the class.  

_______10 points    prepare a two minute speech about the founders of one of the Colonies discussed in chapter 2.

_______10 points    create flash cards for 20 of the vocabulary cards on the previous page, be prepared to orally define 5 words at random

_______10 points*    create an annotated timeline of the battles of the American  Revolution, include Lexington and Concord, Saratoga, and Yorktown.  

_______10 points    create a chart of all the acts passed by the British include the Year passed, what was taxed, and colonist reaction

_______10 points*    Complete the significant individuals of the Revolution sheet

_______10 points    Complete the Marbury v. Madison worksheet

_______10 points    Complete question # 6 on page 167

_______10 points    Plan a steamboat trip from Wheeling, West Virginia to New Orleans, Louisiana.  Draw in the states that you will visit during your trip on a map.  Label the major cities on your route.  How much money will your trip cost and what will you need to bring.  (the year is 1850)

_______10 points    complete the Dred Scott v. Sanford worksheet

_______10 points*    Complete the events leading to the Civil War organizer.  
_______10 points    Find a speeches, editorials, and/or political cartoons from the time
            period 1848 – 1860.  Analyze your selection making sure to
            answer the following questions:

1.    Did issues for Northerners and Southerners change over time, and if so, how?
2.    Was conciliatory language ever used, and did the tone and style used change over time?
3.    At what point do you feel the sides were too far apart to compromise?      

_______10 points*    The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments are known as the Civil War Amendments.  Memorize what each amendment did, then write a paragraph explaining how each amendment changed America    

LAYER B – 10 points

Complete one of the following assignments:

1.    With a group of 5, brainstorm a list of grievances against the school.  Select your top 5, combining similar complaints into one.  Debate and discuss the issues together, the issue you agree on must be within the control of the principle to change.  Once you agree on an issue, work through the process of choosing a representative to take your issue to the principle.  Be prepared on how you will react if the principle dismisses your complaint, like it isn’t important.  Report back to the class. How was your grievance with the school addressed?  Now, find 5 grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence.  Look at the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and explain how the colonial grievances were rectified.  

2.    Create a model depicting one of the events in chapter 3.  Use the library and internet resources to locate descriptions and drawings to help recreate the scene.  Create a handout to accompany your model.  

3.    Write a radio script for a “you are there” program on the reaction of the public to the Dred Scott decision.  Include an introduction that provides background material, interviews with lawyers, interviews with Dred Scott, John F. A. Sanford, and other eyewitnesses.  Broadcast your script to the rest of the class

LAYER A – Complete the following activity for 10 points

1.    Working with a partner, discuss the English Bill of Rights, why was it developed and what fundamental rights were granted under the bill?  How did John Locke influence the political thinking of his time?  List the rights you believe all Americans should have today.  Identify which items on the list relate the items found in the English Bill of Rights or the Theories of John Locke?  What is an unalienable right, and how are they protected in the U.S. Constitution?