World History - Chapters 14/15

Nancy Gregg
Warrensburg, MO

100 points 

Each student must choose at least 50 points and have them graded by one of the teachers in the C level before continuing to the B or A level.

See attached rubric for details for each project. 

C level=50points possible

  1. Develop a poster including pictures and text detailing items which became available to Europeans upon contact with the Western Hemisphere-15 points
  1. Research the area and time period (1500 and 1600s) then bring in food which would have been served to Cortes by Montezuma. 15 points
  1. Develop 20 note cards with terms, people and places from chapters 14 and 15.  Be prepared to be tested privately by the teacher.  15 points
  1. Create a facebook page for one of the following: Prince Henry, Vasco da Gama ,Hernando Cortes,  Francisco Pizarro, Dias, Magellan, Balboa. 10 points
  1. Draw a map of the world and map the exploration of Columbus, Da Gama, Balboa, Dias, Magellan, Cortes 10 points
  1. Make a 3-D model of a European slave ship including cargo holds, slave quarters, crew quarters, storage for food, all aspects of the hull of the ship.  25 points
  1. Develop a timeline of Dutch or Spanish exploration in the 15 and 16 hundreds. Visit enter web code nap-1561 10 points possible
  1. Triangular trade-develop a map detailing the ports of entry that make up the Triangular Trade. Include at least 10 routes included. Include a key for your map, identify the countries involved and the items being traded. 10 points possible

B level= 25points possible

Choose projects equaling at least 25 points and have them graded by one of your teachers before continuing on the A level. 

  1. Access Web Code map1421, take Geography Interactive Guided tour then answer audio Guided Tour questions. 10 points possible
  1. Have students take the role of either King Affonso, African leader who assisted in the slave trade.  Write a letter to the king of England (1 Page) for or against slave trade. 15 points
  1. Interview 10 people outside of class and answer the questions included in the rubric. 15 points possible
  1. Write a poem assuming the role of a young slave girl/boy as they made the trip to the Americas. 15 points
  1. PPT-encomiedas, viceroys, Francisco Pizarro, Montezuma, Malinche, conquistadors, Las Casas, Treaty of Paris, Cartier, Olaudah Equaino, peninslares, creoles, mestizos, Tenochititlan, Columbian Exchange, Middle passage.  20 points possible
  1. Venn diagram p 480 Complete the diagram at the bottom of the page then write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the Spanish and Portuguese empire. 10 points.
  1. Develop and perform a rap by a young slave girl/boy just taken from your village. 15 points

A level+=25 points 

  1. Research and report (poster?) African culture and contributions during the 1500s and 1600s 25 points
  1. Develop Jeopardy game including questions about the search for spices, the explorers, the rise of the Dutch, Spain and the Philippines, trade, the Atlantic slave trade, Cortes, Moctezuma, Pizarro, Tenochititlan, encomieda, terms, people and places. 25 points possible
  1. Research, summarize and cite 3 primary sources concerning either La Malinche, Pizzaro or Cortes and their effect on the conquest of the America. 25 points
  1. PPT --- floating coffins, triangular trade, Elmina, Ghana, Goree, Senegal, Middle Passage, the Impact of slavery on the Americas, the impact of slavery on African cultures.  25 points