World History - Chapter 14/15 Rubrics

Nancy Gregg
Warrensburg, MO


Poster must include at least 10 ways the Western hemisphere was affected and 10 ways Europe was affected by The Columbian Exchange.  You will be graded by correctness of information and creativity.  15 points possible 


You will be graded on authenticity.  15 possible points


On one side of your note card place the term/people and the definition on the other.  Be prepared to identify at least ten of these terms/people at your teacher’s discretion.  15 points possible


Request the proper template from your teacher.  10 points possible


Using the provided poster board provided, draw a map of the world.  Trace the routes of each explorer.  Include a compass rose and key to your map.  10 points possible


This project is worth more points but must be completed in detail.  It should be at least 18”  by 18”.  You will be graded on authenticity and originality.  25 points possible


Your timeline should be on a small piece of poster board or completed on the computer and sent to the teachers .  You must include at least 15 points.  10 points for correctness of information and 5 points for originality.


Include at least 10 routes included. Include a key for your map, identify the countries involved and the items being traded.   You will be graded for correctness of information, neatness and originality. 10 points possible 


Visit  enter the Web Code. 10 points possible

B-2  This must be an original letter  using correct letter form, either hand written or typed.  You may use the ideas in the book but do not plagiarize.  15 points possible


Which of the following statements do you most agree with:

  1. People always have the right to establish colonies in areas where other people already live
  2. People never have the right to establish colonies where other live.
  3. People have the right to establish colonies if they have more advanced technology than the people already living there.
  4. People have the right to establish colonies if their policies are more democratic than those of the people already living there.

Show your results in a poster and graph.

15 points


Your poem may be a found poem, an acrostic poem, a rap or a regular rhyming poem.  It must include at least 15 lines.  15 points possible



Diagram and ½ page well written paragraph.  10 points possible


Your rap must explain what happened to you and your family, your stay at one of the holding “castles”  and your passage to the Americas. 15 points 


Research an African culture during the 1500or 1600s.  Discuss their way of life, their religious beliefs, government and their contributions to the world.  Your report must be at least 2 pages long and your sources must be cited.  25 points 


Your game must include at least 25 questions and answers.  Get the template from your teacher.


Primary sources are##################

Summarize each source in at least a 6 sentence paragraph.


Your PPT must include at least 20 slides, be well organized, have correct information, the slides must include color and text as well at pictures.  25 points