World History - Unit 3 Chapters 10 & 11
Layered Curriculum
Nancy Cooper
Veribest ISD

Layer C:  If you do not complete any assignments beyond this layer the highest grade you may earn is a C.

Choose any of these assignments for a maximum of 70 points:

1.  Lecture Notes                    10 points
     Chapter 10 Sec. 1, 2, & 3
     Chapter 11 Sec. 1,2, &3

2.  Complete packet of assignments        20 points
     Pg. 228 # 1,2, &3
     Pg. 232 # 2,3, & 4 a,b,c
     Pg. 235 # 2,3
     Pg. 242 # 1,2, & 3
     Pg. 247 # 1,2, & 3
     Pg. 253 # 2&3

3.  Outline each section in chapters 10 & 11    10 points

4.  Complete chapter 10 & 11 TAKS everyday activities    10 points

5.  Complete Main Ideas Worksheets        20 points
    Main Ideas 10.1, 10.2, 10.3
    Main Ideas 11.1, 11.2, 11.3

6.  Prepare a lecture for the class over a person or event in either chapter 

20 points

Layer B:  You must complete 1 assignment from this layer to earn a grade of B.  Choose only 1 for a maximum of 10 points

1.    Go to  to read about Justin and Theodora.  Create a chart listing the ways in which they affected future generations of people

2.    Use a current event source to explore a current condition or political unrest in an Eastern European country.  Write a 1-2 page typed report in your own words about the situation.  Cite any sources that you use.  Cut and paste will earn a grade of zero.

3.    Research Mohammed, write a 1-2 page typed report on how he changed life on the Arabian Peninsula and beyond.  The report must be in your own words.  Cut and paste will earn a grade of zero.

4.    Explore the role of women in Muslim societies through out history.  Create a visual representation of your findings.

Layer A:  You must complete 1 assignment from this layer to earn a grade of A Choose only one for a maximum of 20 points.

1.    Research and write a report or create a presentation on some aspect of Byzantine architecture, icons, arts, or symbols.  How do these symbols reflect Byzantine history?

2.    Research Byzantine art, create a piece of art or design a building or church in Byzantine style.  Display your creation.

3.    Trace a political map of the present-day Middle East, and North Africa.  Add in information about the spread of Islam throughout this area.  List modern countries that were wholly or partially included in the Islamic empire by 750.  Research and list the major religions of each country today.

4.  Investigate nations that today are predominately Islamic.  Prepare a report on the role religion plays in law, government, and daily life.  The report must be a minimum of 2 pages typed.