Unit 5: Creating A Nation
Nate Webster
Indian Springs H.S.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Name _________________________   HONORS   Your Score _____________

Unit 5: Creating A Nation                       11/04-11/18

(Assignments with an * are required) 

C LAYER Maximum 70 Points in this Layer 

1) Lecture Notes (5 Points per lecture-Five lectures) R*

2) Unit Five Cover (5 points) R/L*

3) Do Unit Five Vocabulary: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Shays Rebellion, Northwest Ordinance, Federalist, Capitalism, Precedent, John Marshall, Whiskey Rebellion, Political Party, Cabinet, Republic, Ratify. (10 points) R* 

4) Illustrated Dictionary Entry (5 Points) L

5) Make Flash Cards for the Vocabulary (5 points) ________  

6) Write a story using all vocabulary words. The story must demonstrate the writer understands what the vocabulary words mean. (5 points) L

7) Make a crossword puzzle using all vocabulary words. (5 points) L

8) Read or Listen to Chapter 5 of Textbook (10 Points) ________

9) Complete Guided Reading Workbook Chapter 5 All Sections (15 points) _______

10) Memorize the Constitution (100 Points) _________

11) Make a Founding Fathers Cluster of important historical figures who helped form the foundation of our country and/or government-at least ten names (5 points)  __________

12) Do a Biographical Power Point Presentation on any important historical figure we have discussed in this unit (up to 10 Points) ________

13) Illustrate the amendments-See Handout (10 points) L

14) Read and Complete Primary Source Sheet Fed vs Anti-Fed (5 Points) R

15) Flowchart on how a Bill Becomes a Law (5 Points) L

16) “Ben Franklin” Watch Video and Complete Worksheet (5 Points) _________

17)  Do 12 “We the People” Assignments (35 Points) R

18)  Work the Ignite Program Unit 5 Assignment (10 Points) _______

19) Pretend you are a journalist in Philadelphia after the Constitutional Convention. Write a newspaper editorial on the Constitution taking either a federalist view or an anti-federalist view. Include relevant evidence of why or why not you support the new constitution and include a photo/picture with your article (10 points) L

20)Venn diagram the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation. (5 points) L

21) Read the Constitution (7 points) _______

22) Political Cartoon Packet (7 points) ________

23) Louisiana Purchase Worksheet (5 points) __________

24) Hamilton and Jefferson Comparison Worksheet (5 Points) R

25) Mapping Activity- Louisiana Purchase (5 points) _______

26) Watch I’m Just a Bill School House Rock (2 Points) _______

27) Founding Documents Treasure Hunt (5 Points) ________

28) McCulloch Vs. Maryland and Marbury Vs. Madison Worksheet (7 Points) R 


1) Reenact the Shay’s Rebellion and/or the Whiskey Rebellion

2) Enrichment Activity Packet _______

3) Separation of Powers Poster (Work in Partners if desired)

4) Watch a Liberty Series Segment on Constitution-Have a good discussion with Mr. Webster about how cool it is. (1 hour) ________

5) Election Campaign of 1796 (Group Activity) –See Handout

6) Write Your Own Constitution – At Least 8 Articles and Bill of Rights-10 Amendments 

A LAYER  = Choose One For Twenty Points  

  1. Is the Constitution racist/sexist?
  2. What will the next amendment to the Constitution be?
  3. Is the current Supreme Court too powerful?
  4. Was George Washington the greatest American President EVER?

Points:  A= 86-100   B= 71-85  C= 56-70  D= 40-55  F= 39 or below