Nature of Science

Submitted by Scott Wilson

NAME: _______________________________________

UNIT TOPIC: Nature of science

Approximate # of days unit will last: 10-15 (2-3 weeks)

Objectives (what are we learning in this unit?): Define science, discuss how to use scientific methods in problem solving, describe remotely operated vehicles help humans to explore, discuss how scientists use science skills in different ways


A: 150-139

B: 138-128

C: 127-114

D: 113-104

C Layer assignments (maximum 126 pts)


1. National Standards Test (we will do this twice/ once at the beginning of the unit and once at the end of the unit) 5 pts for both tests

2. Participate in the "What do I know about science?" (The points you receive are based on what you record into your "notes" section of your notebook about what you already know, as well as what you record into your notebook from the overhead) 5 pts ORAL DEFENSE

3. All learning styles surveys and YOUR REACTION in 1 paragraph

to having learned more about yourself 5 pts

______ Auditory/visual/kinesthetic learning styles survey

______ Multiple Intelligences survey

______ Personality Profile

______ 1 paragraph reaction to having learned about yourself


4. Listen to the lecture on the solar system. Take notes and show to Mr. Wilson 5 pts


5. Page 19 Section Assessment (S. A.) questions 1, 2, 3 on page 13. ORAL DEFENSE

6. Page 27 Section Assessment (S. A.) questions 1, 2 on page 19 ORAL DEFENSE


7. Complete the worksheet packet 10 pts ORAL DEFENSE


8. Take the quiz on listing the parts of the scientific method in order. You must score a 100% on this

to receive any/all points for this assignment. Only get one chance per class period


9. Make vocabulary flashcards of the words on pages 6 and 22. Learn them. ORAL DEFENSE


10. Watch the Brainpop movie on "scientific method." List 5 things you learned in your lab section of your binder ORAL DEFENSE


11. Design/AND SING a song about the scientific method 10 pts (1 pt. extra credit if you perform on camera at lunch)


12. Design/AND PERFORM a skit about the scientific method 10 pts (1 pt extra credit if you perform it

on camera at lunch ORAL DEFENSE

13. With a partner (more than 2 will require Mr. Wilson's approval), present/ perform a skit about a scientific discovery that refuted earlier teachings ORAL DEFENSE


14. Chapter 1 minilab on page 13 "Measuring accurately." Done in LAB REPORT format (size 12/Times New Roman font/single space). ORAL DEFENSE

15. Chapter 1 minilab on page 25 Inferring Density." Done in LAB REPORT format (size 12/Times New Roman font/single space). ORAL DEFENSE


16. Participate in the "Music Lab" by submitting you're "data" to Mr. Wilson 10 pts

17. Watch the "find the science" videos. Turn in "data" to Mr. Wilson 10 pts

INDIVIDUAL (no more than 3 people) LABS

18. "Using SI Units" lab (get the lab sheets for this from the sheet table). NO LAB REPORT IS NEEDED ORAL DEFENSE 10 pts

FLYING-SOLO (no partners) LABS

19. Survey members of your class (at least 16) on their favorite music and construct a graph to show the

results. Survey at least one member from Mr. Dilley's, Hafer's, Peter's, Picklesimer's, McCoy's

homeroom. (Lab report due also; your graph can be used to represent the "analysis" section) ORAL DEFENSE

20. Design and perform an experiment in which you measure the heart rate of 5 people while listening to three different kinds of music. Lab report due along with a graph of the data/results and submit to Mr. Wilson. ORAL DEFENSE

DRAWINGS/DESIGNS/WRITINGS (things involving creativity)

21. Design a poster/drawing showing the scientific method. ORAL DEFENSE 20 pts

(See the rubric on POSTERS to understand what you need to earn an "A")

22. Design a robot from materials such as craft sticks and pipe cleaners. Include with your robot design a written plan that describes what the robot will do as well as a blueprint of the design ORAL DEFENSE 20 pts

23. Write about a time when you explored something (minimum 1 typed page). Describe the technology you used ORAL DEFENSE 10 pts

24. Think of a hostile environment you would like to explore that is not mentioned in chapter 1 of your textbook. List the science skills you would use and the technology you would need ORAL DEFENSE 5 pts

25. Design a poster that illustrates the importance of following a safety rule when performing science activities. You may choose one or more rules. ORAL DEFENSE 10 pts

26. List the science skills used in designing and testing robots as identified in the text. Think and list other additional skills. Arrange the skills within an outline of the five possible steps in the scientific method. ORAL DEFENSE 5 pts

"B" layer assignmentsà 11 pts each (choose 1 only)

27. Design an experiment which shows the time in seconds that it takes for you to throw a ball across the room to another student and have the student throw the ball back to you (Lab report required; this experiment this can only be performed under Mr. Wilson's supervision) 11 pts

29. Write why a scientist who is trying a new drug on people should use a control in his/ her experiment 11 pts

30. Create/Design (and do) any lab which shows proper use of a control/dependent-independent variable

(Lab report due with this). I.E. What type of surface will affect the bounce of a ball the most? 11 pts

A Layer Assignment (choose 1 only) 11 pts

(For a chance at full credit on "A" layer assignmentsà You MUST submit the following )

1. Answer to the question (if a question is asked)

2. video presentation (2-5 minutes minimum)

2. 3 articles you research (actual articles need to be submitted/ NOT the websites)

3. A summary for each article

*each summary needs 2 paragraphs

paragraph #1: 8-10 sentences summarizing the article

paragraph #2: 6-10 sentences stating your opinion of the article (did you like/dislike it/agree/disagree with it? critically evaluate the topic in this paragraph)

31. Your friend designed an experiment to answer a question he had. The experiment did not support his hypothesis, so your friend felt like his experiment failed, and rejected his hypothesis. Explain to your friend why his hypothesis might not be wrong

32. Write an argumentative paper (minimum of 200 words) on the advantages or disadvantages of the increasing personal dependence on technology (examples: some people cannot seemingly go through their days without checking "email" or can not watch TV without a TV controller)

PARENT SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________ (5 pts towards "C" layer)