A Layered Curriculum Unit 

How it Works!

Your job is to pick 70 points worth of “C” level assignments, and, if you choose to, one “B” level, and one “A” level assignment.  You must complete the “C” level, but the “B” and “A” levels are optional.   Basically, you decide what grade you are going to earn! 

Each “C” level assignment will be graded by oral defence, which means you earn points not for “doing” the assignment, but for explaining what you have learned!  The first thing you need to do is put a mark beside the assignments you are interested in, then take this sheet home and have it signed. 

Learning Objectives

“C” Level – 70 points required for everyone 


“B” Level – All assignments are worth 15 points  


“A” Level – All assignments are worth 15 points  


Teacher Evaluation 

No Simple Machine should be focused on more than twice.     Level Mark Total
Ramps/ Inclined Planes              
Compound machines              

Self Evaluation 

From which assignment did you learn the most? Explain. 

What was your favourite assignment? Explain. 

Which assignment did you find the most difficult? 

What would you do differently next time? 

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