Unit 1:  Chapter 12:  World War I

by Pam Martin,

 Austin CAN Academy,  Austin, Texas

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C LAYER:  No more than 70 points

1.      Listen to the lecture and take Cornell notes.  5 pts./day  1 2 3 4 5

2.      Read a section from Chapter 12 in the textbook and take Cornell notes  5 pts./section.  1 2 3 4

3.      Make flashcards with the vocabulary terms in the folder.  Learn them.  10 pts.

4.      Read a chapter at and take Cornell notes 10 pts./chapter 1 2 3 4

5.      Record a 60-second radio broadcast about the causes of unrest in Europe and the chain of events leading to the outbreak of World War I.    15 points

6.      Complete up to two “Homework Practice” on-line worksheets ( Keyword;  )  5 pts. each

7.      Read World War I and list 15 facts. 15pts.

8.      Write a song about life on the home front; include at least 10 facts.  Perform it for me.  15 points

9.      Make a diorama of one of the battles of World War I.  15 pts.

10.  Read about one part of the weaponry of World War I at  Make a poster of at least 10 facts.  10 pts.

11.  Make a mobile showing President Wilson’s Fourteen Points.  15 pts.

12.  Create a World War I poster that contains the biographies of at least two key people (at least 5 facts each), 2 key events (5 facts each), 1 original poem, and 1 map.  20 pts.

13.  Create a scrapbook page showing at least 10 facts about life on the home front during World War I.  10 pts.

14.  Make a model of a World War I U-boat.  10 pts.

15.  Write a newspaper article detailing the terms of the Treaty of Versailles.  10 pts.


B LAYER: Choose one activity (15 points)

1.      Make something edible to demonstrate the nationalism and militarism that led to World War I.

2.      Conduct a taped (or videotaped) interview of a World War I veteran.  Write a one-page summary of the interview.

3.      Imagine that you were the national leader of Austria-Hungary when Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated.  With a partner, debate what action should be taken in response to this atrocity.

4.      Make a webpage about “The War at Home.”  Be sure to include topics such as the conservation of resources, organized labor’s response to the war effort, volunteerism, and the attempts to influence attitudes and suppress opposition.


A LAYER:  Choose one activity (15 points)  Answer one of the following in a five-paragraph essay, using the A Layer Assignment Sheet to document your sources.

1.      How would our country be different if Germany had won the war?

2.      After World War I, the world suffered a serious economic depression.  How can we avoid a world-wide depression after the Iraq War?

3.      Is war ever justified?