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The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

7th & 8th grade ELL

Pat Daniels & Jill Tobey, Tempe, AZ

Student name:_______________________________


Due Date:___________________________________

Required activities are marked with * Numbers 1-5 occur 4 days of the week

C Level Activities - 400 minimum points

1. *Oral reading with class 10,10,10,10 pts

2. *Participation in Corrective Reading 5, 5, 5, 5 pts

3 *Completion of workbook. 10,10,10,10 pts

4. *Participation in Phonics Training 5, 5, 5, 5 pts

5. *Copying activity. 5, 5, 5, 5 pts

6. *Write 5 words that you have trouble reading on flashcards 5pts

7. *Read story to parent and get their signature 10pts

8. *Read story to another adult and get their signature. 10pts

9. Read to a friend aloud. 10pts

10. Create a cartoon strip of the story. 10pts

11. Make a poster of the story. 10pts

12. Take turns reading out loud. Answer 3questions. 5pts

13. Tape the story for another student. 15pts

14. Type the story on Ultimate Reader, one page at a time. 15pts

15. Phonics Search. Search story for selected phonic sounds and patterns. 10pts

16. Make props for a play. 5pts

17. Complete the Story Packet 100pts

18. Rivet words that you don't understand. 10pts

19. Rivet vocabulary words. 10pts

20. Timed Reading for fluency 100pts

B Level Activities - Complete at least two activities

1. What are the 5 W's of the story? 25pts

2. Write a summary of the story. Use 4 Square format. 20pts

3. Retell the story to someone and get their signature. (An adult) 25pts

4. Translate the story into your native language taping or writing it. 25pts

5. Make a mobile of the story elements. 15pts

6. Role play the characters of the story. 20pts

7. Be a critic. Write your opinion of the story. 25pts

A Level Activities - Complete at least one activity.

1. What is the moral of the story and how does it relate to you? 20pts

2. Research a topic in the story. Report to the teacher what you learned. 25pts

3. Look up information about the author. Answer three questions about the person. 20pts

4. How will the story be affected if you change a character, the setting, or time

of the story? 20pts

Grades: 250 - 395 = D 400 = C 435-450 = B 455+ = A


parent signature

(Parent signature is worth 10 additional points)