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Unit Sheet for Unit II Beginning Spanish- Basic Greeting

Pat Daniels & Marissa Norman

Tempe, Arizona




"C" level activities Maximum 65 points.

1) Listen to the lecture and take notes each day. 5 points per day.

1 2 3 4 5

2) Make flash cards using the vocabulary from the vocabulary file folder.

Learn them. Be prepared to know 10 words when asked: You will get 1point for every correct answer. 10 pts.

3) Work two worksheets. Be prepared to answer 3 questions about each worksheet. _10 pts.

4) Read and do the 3 activities in section 1 of p. 23 in the yellow, iBRA VOl 1A book.

Write out your answers. 5pts.

5) Watch the video for 10 minutes and write 10 things you learned from it (10pts)

6) Make a Spanish/English mobile using the vocabulary words from the vocabulary list. 10pts.

7) Create your own word search using 10 vocabulary words. Use the blank,word search sheet. Include your answers on the back of the sheet. You

may add more boxes if needed. 10pts.

8) Listen and follow along with the "Alphabet Song". Do the activities as

indicated on the tape. More than one person may listen to the tape.

You may stop or rewind the tape if you miss some information. 10 pts.

9) Play Spanish alphabet BINGO for 10 minutes. More than one person may

play and you may use your alphabet half sheet to help you. 10pts

10) Create a "concentration game" with the vocabulary words. Make the

cards the same way you make flash cards. Be prepared to match 10 pairs when asked to. 10pts.

11) Look at the "Buenos dias" song in English. Be able to say or sing the

song in Spanish when asked to. 10pts.

12) Play a student-made" concentration game" with a friend. Write down

your correct pairs and have your friend sign-off your list. 10pts.

"B" level activities - Choose one for 15 pts.

1) Look for Spanish around our school. Write down 10 things you see written in Spanish (other than Spanish class!). Examples: posters in a classroom, signs around campus, etc. Write down where you saw them and what they are.

2) Visit a Southwestern Supermarket and look for bilingual writing in the store (anything written in both English AND Spanish). Find 10 items and write down exactly what you see in English and Spanish.

"A" level activities - Choose one for 20pts

1. Interview 2-3 adults about the benefits of being able to speak Spanish. Write down 2-3 of the most important reasons that they give you. Write a 3 paragraph summary of your findings or design a brochure outlining the benefits.

2. Read a Proposition 203 article. Summarize the main points of the article and on the back write a good 2 paragraph summary of your opinion on the issue. Use the rubric to determine what a good paragraph contains. Make sure and mentions some of the article when stating your position

Grades: 40-55 = D 56-70 = C 71-85 = B 86+=A

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(signature and phone number are worth 5 points in "C" level)