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Life Skills Project Worksheet grades 6-8

Pat Daniels & Debbie Jones

Tempe, AZ


Due date:________________________

200 points possible; points given are for completion and accuracy.

C level - 115 points possible

1. Demonstrate needle threading & knot tying to teacher. 5 pt

2. Participate in "Centering" activity. Tell how you solved the problem. 5 pt

3. Copy practice problems from O.H. and work on the task until completed. 5pt

4. Demonstrates how to find upper left corner of any given project 10 pt

5. Project is centered on fabric. 10 pt

6. Pattern is counted and stitched on fabric correctly. 10 pt

7. 3 strands of floss are used throughout project. 5 pt

8. Stitches are completed as shown. 10 pt

9. Front and back are sewn together using 2 stitches per square. 10pt

10. "Steps to Finish" sheet signed off. 15 pt

11. "Stuffing" opening is sewn closed, no frayed edges show. 10 pt

12. "Stuffing"opening is at the bottom of the apple. 10 pt

13. Project is turned in on time. 10 pt

B level - 45 points possible *Choose 3

1. Simple border or corner highlights. 15 pt

2. Stitches are uniform (all underneath stitches go one way and all top stitches go the other way). 15 pt

3. Closure uses invisible stitches, no frayed edges show. 15pt

4. Interview someone who cross stitches. Turn in questions and answers and be prepared to explain what you learned. 15pt

A level - 40 points possible *Choose 2

1. Create border or corner highlights that uses double cross stitch or

chicken scratch for part of the decoration. 20 pt

2. Designs are equal distance from all corners. 20 pt

3. Investigate the history of cross stitch (or other decorative stitching)

You may use the library or internet. Turn in your notes and give oral report to the class or to 2-3 students and the teacher or alone to the teacher. Or write a 3 paragraph summary of your findings. Be sure to use the rubrics for this assignment for maximum points. 20pt

Grades: 60-110 = D 115 = C 120-160 =B 200 = A

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parent signature/date contact phone #

(signature and phone number worth 5 points)