Layered Curriculum for Separatist flight from England

Paul Moellering
Lake Forest Country Day School

Level C - 40 Points needed 

1.  Timeline of events of journey form England to America – 10 points 

2.  Listen to Mr. Moellering’s Lectures (three lectures) – 5 points 

3.  Listen to Mr. Moellering’s Lectures and take notes (three lectures) -  10 points

4.  Read section in book on pilgrims ( could be on tape, group read, or alone)  - 5 points

5.  Write a prayer the Separatist might say before escaping England – 5 points

6.  Make a poster giving four reasons why the Separatist decided to leave – 10 points

7.  Write three diary entries.  One as a rich nobleman living in England, one as a farmer, and one as a poor beggar or thief. - 15 points

8.  Make a schedule of the typical Sunday for a Separatist.  – 5 points

9.  Make a poster telling Separatists what they could do in church and what they could not. - 10 points

10.  Create a poster or pamphlet made by Bradford attacking the King of England -10 points

11. Make a list why the King allowed the Separatist to go to America – 5 points

12.  Make a list of different things a Separatist brought on the Mayflower or Speedwell to take to the New World. – 5 points 

Level B – 30 points needed

1.  Two or three of you create a secret handshake Separatist might use to pass on information.  Show it to the class. – 5 points

2.  Create a Venn Diagram comparing the similarities and differences between the Church of England the Separatist religion – 10 points. 

3.  Create a list of questions (3 – 5) you would ask the King about his religion and create a list of questions (3 – 5) you might have for the Separatist. -10 points

4.  Write a personal account (a page) of what happened to you as a Separatist the night the English Ship Captain betrayed you and your people – 20 points

5.  Two or three people create a short skit of the night the Dutch ship helped most of the Separatist escape – 5 points

6.  Create a conversation between two or three Separatists arguing why or why they should not go to America. – 10 points

7.  You are a Separatists child, write a letter to a Dutch friend explaining why you are thinking of giving up the Separatist way of life – 10 points

8.  Using a Venn Diagram, compare and contrast the Pilgrims and the Strangers. - 10 points 

Level A – 20 points needed

1.  Write a letter to the King explaining why you don’t agree with the Church of England – 10 points

2.  Be the King and explain (at least 3 well spoken reasons) to your subjects (the class) why you cannot allow nonconformist in your country – 10 points

3.  Write an essay explaining why you agree or why you disagree with the reasons why the Separatist left England – 10 points

4.  As a Separatist write a letter to a relative explaining why the New World will be a good place for you and your religious community – 10 points

5.  In three diary entries - describe your feelings about the time you spent on the ship as you cross the Atlantic Ocean.  – 20 points