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China Nationalism

Cathy Phelps and Kerry Blocker

Brockport H.S. in Brockport, NY

For this unit, you will be able to choose activities from 3 levels of learning.

The first level is REQUIRED. When you complete 70 points worth of activities from the C- level you may complete one activity from the B level and one activity from the A- level. You must complete in order ( C, B, A ). The activities with an * are required. Then you have the opportunity to earn 100 points for the unit.

Complete required activities. Then choose activities totaling 40 points.

C- 1. layer notes 10 points *

2. Reading p P862-865- outline the reading or guided reading 10 points *

3.Terms define and apply 10 points *

Vocabulary form
Term Page# Context sentence Definition Example

4. Make a chart of Mao Zedong's reforms 10 points
Aspect of life Reform Positive effect Negative effect

5. News Reports on the Chinese revolution- major events.10 points

6. Journal of a follower of Mao from the Long March through the Cultural Revolution 10 points

7. Watch a segment of a video and write a summary of the events shown 10 points

8. Write a biography about Mao 10 points

9. Answer skill builder questions on page 863 5 points

10. Answer question 13 and 14 on page 880 5 points

11. Reading Study guide section 2 chapter 33 5 points

12.Text summary section 4 Upheavals in China 5 points

13. Read p862-865 meet with teacher for an oral quiz 10 points

Choose one topic from B-layer for 15 points

1. Make a propaganda poster that Mao could have used to promote one of his policies- for Agriculture, Industry, Family, Education and Culture

2. Write and present a skit about education that Mao would not have approved of and then change it to be acceptable to Mao

3. From a excerpt from a reading of No Tears for Mao analyze the conflict

4. Jiang lost the Chinese Civil War with the support of the United States analyze this reasons for this loss.

5. Analyze selections from The Little Red Book as a form of propaganda

Choose one topic from A-layer for 15 points

1. Compare and contrast Mao's communism to Stalin's communism

2. Defend Mao's government in China.

3. Write a letter to the editor stating your opinion of Mao's government.

4. Present a mock trial of a "dissident" during the Cultural Revolution (group of 4 )