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Creative Writing - Poetry Project

Sandy Lepine



Due Date_______________

Section I "C" Level

The purpose of this project is to complete a collection of poetry using a variety of techniques studied in class, which provide the reader with a glimpse of who you are.

Read all directions carefully, you may set a goal for your own grade.

Samples of each poem are attached.

I. "C" is a grade you can aim for if you complete all of the following: ( at total of

three poems)

1. Self-Portrait poem

A. Write a poem, 9-11 stanzas in length, about yourself.

B. OPTIONS: See yourself from various angles, in various settings at different times, seasons, ages, involved in various actions, captured in various moods. Describe yourself using a variety of voices: your mother's, your brother's, your friend's, your teacher's, a stranger's. In addition to making statements, you can ask questions, issue orders, moan, and shout, speaking to whomever you wish.

C. Remember that what you are after is character, personality: what the artist tries to capture in painting a portrait.

2. Memory-Poem

A. Write a poem based on a memory.

B. It may help if you speak, in your poem, to the person with whom you shared the experience.

3. Unforgettable Person poem

Write a poem describing an adult in your life whom you find, for one reason or another, unforgettable. This should not be someone who is a celebrity, but someone from your life.

4. All three poems must be typed.

5. At least one poem must be shared aloud with class for feedback.

6. Must be ready by due date.

II. "B" is a grade you can aim for if you complete all of the work required for

"C", plus the following ( a total of five poems):

4. "Bitterness poem"

A. Write a poem that illustrates the feeling of bitterness, anger, protest, or even hate.

B. Despite the negative feeling, the one requirement is that the poem, as always, be honestly expressed.

5. "Awe Poem"

A. Write a poem, reliving the experience of awe.

6. All five poems must be typed.

7. At least two poems must be shared aloud with the class for feedback.

8. Must be ready by due date.

III. "A" is a grade you can aim for if you complete all of the work required for "C"

and "B", plus the following (six poems presented as a whole):

6. "Invitation Poem"

A. This poem will serve as the opening of your collection. It's purpose is to "invite" the reader to read your poems to get to know you. (May be easier to write this one last, even if its placement is first.)

7. The collection of poems must be typed and arranged as a visual presentation.

This may include: poster, tape recording, art project, collage, etc.)

8. Must be ready by due date. Whole collection must be presented to the class

aloud for feedback.