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Paula King,

Frontier Regional, Massachusetts

Day 1: Pre-history

1. Read independently about Prehistory or listen to reading. 5pts

2. Define words. 5pts

3. Answer questions about Pre-history. 5pts

4. Take quiz about Pre-history. 5pts

5. Make a "Pre-history" acrostic. 5pts

Day 2: Artifacts & Documents

1. Look at artifacts and fill out Object Analysis sheet. 5pts for one/10pts for two

2. Web activity: Explore the Caves of Lascaux. 10pts

3. Backpack Writing Activity. 10pts

4. Web activity: Primary Documents. 10pts

Day 3: Archaeology & Paleontology

1. Video Clip: "Jurasic Park" 5pts

2. Fossil: Hands-on Activity. 10pts

3. Web activity: "Working as an archaeologist." 10pts

4. Read about an archaeologist or paleontologist. 10pts

5. Homework: Create a fossil imprint. 5pts

Day 4: Project

Choose only one (15 points)

1. Use a primary resource and a secondary resource to study the same time period in history. Compare and contrast the usefulness of each resource, in writing.

2. Watch your favorite TV show. Imagine someone in the future had this as the only record of us. What conclusions could be made accurately and what might be misinterpreted? Present your findings to the class.

3. Household trash analysis: Create a poster that analyses and describes the life of the people who used this trash. Display.

4. Research about an archaeologist or paleontologist. Dress up as him or her. Show some of the discoveries and tools used on video clip of his or her life, that you create.

Day 5: Writing

Choose only one (20 points)

1. Is the recounting of the history of any event truly accurate?

2. Can two people observe an event and see it differently?

3. Can history really repeat itself?

4. Re-write about the history of a well-known event from a different perspective. Imagine that the overall outcome of the conflict was different, yet the outcome of the event you are writing about remained the same. How would the event be portrayed differently in today's history books?


* In order to earn an "A" you must aim to complete 20 points of work per day. You also must choose activities from those listed on the days offered.

* A maximum of 65 points can come from the activities listed on Days 1 - 3.

* Day 4 & Day 5 items should look like finished pieces. Be proud of your work!

* All computer activities require you to use the program for a minimum of 30 minutes and to answer 5 questions about it.

* Use a highlighter to indicate which items you have chosen to do on each given day.

* Get a teacher signature next to each highlighted item, to show that you received the points.

* At the end, hand in this sheet, along with all the work you accomplished during this unit.

86+ = A 71+ = B 56+ = C 40+ = D

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Parent/guardian signature Date all work is due