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Pronoun Unit & Grading Sheet

Joyelle Audie , 8th grade World History and English

Pizitz Middle School, Vestavia Hills, AL

To be completed no later than Wed. 9-10-03


Students will

Develop an understanding of personal pronouns and employ them effectively in writing.

Identify pronoun antecedents and ensure that pronouns agree with their antecedents.

Learn about and demonstrate control over the use of subject and object pronouns.

Learn about and demonstrate control over the use of possessive pronouns.

Use correct forms of indefinite pronouns and ensure correct pronoun-verb agreement.

Identify reflexive and intensive pronouns and use each correctly in writing.

Identify interrogative and demonstrative pronouns and demonstrate control over their use.

Edit, critique, and evaluate peer's activities.


Pronouns must always be identified in any activity. Use a variety of pronouns in your writing, making sure that they refer to clearly and agree with their antecedents.

Activities must be completed by deadline listed for level. Work will be graded in class and during 4th and 6th period.

The amount of points you get for each activity depends on the rubric for that activity.

All exercises and worksheets must be corrected in red before I will grade them. We may grade some together in class, or a key might be provided for you to correct your own work.

All written activities must be submitted with a peer evaluation form completed and attached.

Mandatory (40 points):

1. Take notes on each of the four lectures in class. Notes may be in written, charted, or drawn form. (16 points)

Tentative dates for lectures:

§ 9/3 4 points

§ 9/4 4 points

§ 9/5 4 points

§ 9/8 4 points

2. Complete the following worksheets when assigned. (24 points)

§ The Pronoun Lineup (J) 8 points

§ Another Pronoun Lineup (K) 8 points

§ Final Test on Pronoun Worksheet (M) 8 points

Level C (30 points) Choose 30 points maximum from the following activities - to be completed and graded no later than Friday, September 5, 2003

1. Complete the following exercises from your book. Follow directions as given in the book. (15 points).

Ex. 4, page 436-437

Ex. 5, page 438-439

Ex. 6, page 441

2. You have just read a magazine article describing a boy's wild adventure while camping with his family. His story sparks your imagination. Write your own personal adventure story. In it, use a variety of pronouns. Illustrate the story and include a cover. You must submit your story to at least one peer for a peer evaluation. (30 points)

3. Write a brief summary of a book or a screenplay that you really enjoy. Use a variety of pronouns while describing the work and the author. Highlight each different type of pronoun a different color. Must submit with peer evaluation. (20 points)

4. Pair up with someone and compose written sentences with indefinite pronouns. One of you starts the sentence by writing an indefinite pronoun; the other adds a verb that agrees with the subject. (Ex. Student 1: "Most of us" Student 2: "like pizza.") Write at least five sentences then switch roles. Tie all of the sentences together to make a paragraph, some additional sentences might be necessary. Show each partner's contributions and include a peer evaluation of your paragraph. (10 points)

5. Write a paragraph about a city you would like to visit. Use reflexive and intensive pronouns. Design a brochure for the city, with pictures, comments from previous visitors, and any extras. Include a peer evaluation with paragraph. (15 points)

6. Work with a partner. Select a newspaper or magazine article. Highlight and label the various kinds of pronouns in the article, include a key for decoding. Underline the antecedent for each pronoun. (5 points)

7. Complete the following chart: (5 points)

Positive Negative

anybody nobody

anyone no one








8. Read about Langston Hughes. Write two paragraphs about the poet or his poetry. Use pronouns and their antecedents in your sentences. Submit with a peer evaluation. (25 points)

9. Complete Review exercise B, page 444 in your textbook. (5 points)

10. Imagine you are at a soccer practice. Write ten sentences you might say or overhear said. Include in each of the sentences,

one or more of each of the following pronouns : she, her, they, it, its, them, their, your, he, his. (Ex. Did Tracy say whether she

was coming to practice? She'll come if her leg feels better.) Present as a cartoon. (10 points)

11. Make posters for all of the different types of pronouns. (10 points)

12. Complete pronoun worksheet packet. (20 points)

Level B (20 points) Choose 20 points maximum from the following activities - to be completed and graded no later than Tuesday, September 9, 2003

1. Write a paragraph about a well-known person from public life, the entertainment field, or sports. By using pronouns, describe

the person without revealing his or her name until the end of the paragraph. Read your paragraph to a group of at least 3 to 5 people and have them try to guess who it is. Record your findings, using at least five different indefinite pronouns. Paragraph must be submitted with peer evaluation. (15 points)

2. Try creating your own billboard ads. First, think up five products, services, or places to advertise on billboards (you can make

up items if you wish). Then write at least one sentence to advertise each one. In each ad, use an indefinite pronoun and underline it. Sketch the layout of the billboard and put your slogan on it. (15 points)

3. Edit and evaluate at least the work of two peers and correct pronoun/antecedent agreement. You must use different color ink

and submit a peer evaluation form for each. This activity can be used twice. (5 points)

4. Work in a group of four. Each of you should write five answers beginning with pronouns, such as: She was the

first woman to attempt a global flight. He was the first man to walk on the moon. Divide group in half. One half says the answers and see if the other half can guess the question, such as: Who was Amelia Earhart? Who is Neil Armstrong? Record your answers and questions. Present on a poster. (15 points)

5. Write at least ten riddles containing personal pronouns, such as: One bite of an apple caused her to have one of the longest

naps in history (Sleeping Beauty). The Queen of Spain made it possible for him to discover the New World (Christopher Columbus). Display the riddles on a poster. (15 points)

6. Imagine you work in the public relations department of a cereal company. Your job is to write a jingle announcing a new kind

of cereal. Include at least five different possessive pronouns and three different contractions. Present your jingle complete with decorated cereal box. Have jingle written on paper as well. (10 point)

7. Write a letter to the person you most admire and ask questions about aspects of the person's life you want to know more about. Use each of the different type of interrogative and demonstrative pronouns. Submit with a peer evaluation. (10 points)

8. Write several questions you would like to ask a poet about a poem or poems. Use each if the different interrogative and demonstrative pronouns in your questions. Then, research your poet and provide answers to the questions. Provide a display of the information you gathered, included with your answers and questions. (20 points)

9. Make up a quiz on the use of pronouns. Write ten incomplete sentences that can be completed with a pronoun. Provide two

pronouns, one in the subject(nominative) case and the in the objective case, in parentheses after each one . (Ex. Tom gave Lori (her/she) jacket. Include a key with the quiz. (10 points)

Level A (10 points) Choose a maximum of 10 points from the following activities. If you choose the traditional test option, it will be given on Wednesday, September 10, 2003. You must make at least an 85 to get the full credit or you will have to retake the test to get half the points. All other A activities must be completed and graded no later than Thursday, September 11, 2003

1. Read the "Ransom of Red Chief" by O. Henry and analyze how the author's pronoun usage helps him set the tone and

language for the first person point of view in the story. Write at least two paragraphs and submit with peer evaluation.

2. Formulate some interview questions that use interrogative pronouns (at least ten). Survey a group of friends about music groups, food choices in the cafeteria, clothing styles, or other topics of interest. When you have completed at least five surveys, write your results in two informative paragraphs. You must use at least five indefinite pronouns. Report your findings creatively.

3. Take pronoun test.

Pronoun Unit Grade Sheet

Name ____________________________________________________________________________________

My Goal A______ B_______ C________

Due Date: _____________

Total Points Earned: ____________

Mandatory (40 points):

1. Lecture - 4pts. each 9/3 ______ 9/4 _______ 9/5 _______ 9/8 _______

2. Worksheets - 8 pts. each (J) ________ (K) ________ (L) ________

Level C (30 points optional) 9-5-03

1. Review exercises 4-6 from textbook (15) ______________

2. Boy's adventure story (30) ______________

3. Summary of book or screen play (20) ______________

4. Partner sentences with indefinite pronouns (10) ______________

5. Paragraph of city you would like to visit (15) ______________

6. Partner locating pronouns in articles (5) ______________

7. Positive Negative Chart (5) ______________

8. Langston Hughes (25) ______________

9. Review exercise B from textbook (5) ______________

10. Soccer practice (10) ______________

11. Pronoun Posters (10) ______________

12. Pronoun Worksheet Packet (20) ______________

Level B (20 points optional) 9-9-03

1. Public person paragraph (15) ______________

2. Billboard ads (15) ______________

3. Peer evaluations (5) ______________

4. Group answers and questions (15) ______________

5. Riddles (15) ______________

6. Cereal ad (10) ______________

7. Letter to admired person (10) ______________

8. Poet research (20) ______________

9. Quiz (10) ______________

Level A (10 points optional) 9-11-2003

1. "Ransom or Red Chief" ______________

2. Interviews ______________

3. Traditional Test Score: __________ ______________

Retake: __________