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The Ratification Debate- 8th Grade

Morey Fugate, Prunedale, CA

Text: Houghton Mifflin "A More Perfect Union"

Name ___________________________________ Due Date __________

Chapter 4 Lesson 2 The Ratification Debate Maximum: 100 Points

C layer: Maximum 65 points in this section.

1. Read the chapter & answer the questions at the end. 5 pts.

2. Listen to the textbook reading & follow along. Answer the questions orally. 5 pts.

3. Make a full color poster showing the differences between the Federalists & the Antifederalists. 10 pts.

4. Make a booklet describing the political process leading to the ratification of the Constitution. 10 pts.

5. Explain why people thought the Constitution was incomplete. 10 pts.

6. Construct a diorama showing any scene in the chapter. Explain it. 10 pts.

7. Complete lesson 2 preview in the workbook. 5 pts.

8. Read the chapter and be prepared to explain any illustration. 5 pts.

9. Make a poster illustrating the ratification process. 10 pts.

10. Paraphrase Patrick Henry's speech (p. 118). 5 pts.

11. With another person, plan a debate on the ratification of the Constitution. Be prepared to debate on day 4. 15 pts.

12. Make flash cards using any 15 key terms from the chapter. Learn them. 10 pts.

13. Design a tri-fold brochure promoting the ratification of the Constitution. 10 pts.

14. Create a poster showing how to reach a compromise. 10 pts.

15. Design and illustrate a cartoon about the ratification process. 15 pts.

16. Make 15 flash cards covering the ratification process. Learn them. 10 pts.

17. Create a time line showing the steps to ratification. 10 pts.

B layer. Choose one. Maximum 20 points in this section.

1. Analyze the four questions in Here's How ("Reaching a Compromise" p 123). Which of the four is the most important and why? Is the ability to compromise important in everyday life? Why or why not?

2. Compare and contrast the views of Patrick Henry and James Madison.

3. Make something edible demonstrating compromise.

A layer. Choose one. Maximum 20 points in this section.

1. Summarize 3 recent newspaper, magazine, journal, or Internet articles on the ratification process in any country. Use the "A layer assignment form".

2. Was printing the different arguments concerning the Constitution vital to the ratification? Why or why not?

Grade Scale: 0-40 = F 41-55 = D 56-70 = C 71-85 = B 86 -100 = A