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Unit:  20.2 The History and Culture of the Eastern Mediterranean

Reshelle Johnson
Special Education Teacher
South Plainfield Middle School
South Plainfield, NJ

All assignments are due ____________________ 

    Date Completed Points Earned
  Layer C:  Maximum 30 points      
Last week’s notes and 20.2 Culture Traits graphic organizer (completed, 100% correct, and legible) 10    
  Write and illustrate a picture book that gives facts about each country within the region (see the rubric) 20    
  Choose TWO 20.2 worksheets and complete them (100% correct) 20    
  Layer B:  Maximum 35 points      
  Wacky We-Search (pp. 70-71; picture) 10    
  Make a tourism brochure for the region 10  
  Prepare and give a 5-minute lesson * 25    
  Prepare and perform a 5-minute skit with one or two classmates * 25    
  Wacky We-Search (pp. 114-115; press conference)* 25    
  Layer A:  Maximum 35 points      
  3-article summary (see Assignment Sheet)

After reading the three articles, do you think that the Eastern Mediterranean countries will experience peace in the future?  Support your opinion with quotes from the articles.


(Wacky We-Search by Barry Lane suggests engaging and fun B-layer activities)