Richard Hernlund
Richard Milburn Academy
Houston, Texas

Topic: Properties of Functions Due: Oct. 12, 2006

Lessons:11, 12, 13, 14,

First Level:

Max total points: 75


Points Received

Take Cornell Notes for each lesson: Points: 5/Lesson Max. 20 pts.* ________

*Notes will be graded by RUBRIC

Write Objectives in Composition Book, Write Vocabulary and do DO NOW problems:
Points: 2/Day Max. 20 pts.

Complete Apply the TEKS worksheets:
Points: 4/Lesson Max 20 pts.

Complete:TAKS Practice sheets:

Points: 3/Lesson Max. 15 pts.

Do Building Stamina Problems: Points: 2/Problems, Max. 30 pts.

First level total points:

Second Level:

Max. total points 15

Make up your own problems and present to class with explanation, must have a graph to support problem. Must explain Domain and Range Points: 5 pts. Each.

Write a two page paper on one of the following: Euclid, Newton, Pythagoras, Einstein, or Pi (P). One page text one page graphics to support text .
Points: 15 points:

Second level total points:

Third Level:

Max. total points: 10

Write two examples of Algebra problems you would see when you go shopping.
Points: 5 pts each

Write an algebra problem, generate a table, and make a graph to support your solution. Must include Domain and Range.
Points: 10 pts.

Third level total points:

Alternative for Level Two and Three: Write a 4-5 page paper comparing and contrasting the Mayan, Roman, and Arabic Number systems. 25 points

Unit 3 Total Points:

Grading Points: Grading will be in accordance with RMA grading structure. See page 5 in the student handbook