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Applying Study Skills Project Grading Sheet

Mr. Robert Abel, Las Vegas, NV.

Palo Verde High School

C layer: You must earn 600 points in this section to move to B layer.

______1. Purchase a 2 pocket Folder to hold ALL project materials and decorate it to reflect the topic you have selected. 75 pts.

______2. Make 25 note cards of new Vocabulary on your topic. Learn them. 50 pts.

______3. Make a full color poster showing key concepts of your topic. 50 pts.

______4. Make a BIG BOOK or booklet that will explain your topic, it should be readable to Elementary School students and be NO LESS than 12 pages. 175 pts.

______5. Construct a graphic organizer on your topic. Explain it. 75 pts.

______7. Complete Time Management Worksheet. 20 pts.

______8. Design a tri-fold brochure about your topic. 75 pts.

______9. Design and illustrate a cartoon strip about your topic. 50 pts.

______10. Create a board game to illustrate your topic. 180 pts.

______11. Create a music video/song to illustrate your topic. 100 pts.

______12. Create a Poem explaining your topic. 50pts.

______13. Create a Crossword Puzzle touching on key points of your topic. 25 pts.

______14. Create an Inspiration map, in detail, explaining your topic. 100 pts.

______15. Make a newspaper explaining your topic. (Put items such as editorials, advise and interviews in your newspaper, min of 2 pages) 150 pts.

______16. Complete a F.A.C.T. worksheet during every group meeting. 50 pts. (Total)

______17. Find a video related to your topic, watch it and write a 1-page paper on what you learned from it (prior approval required). 75 pts.

______18. Create a Bibliography, in the proper APA format, of at least 5 books/internet sites you used for your research. 75 pts.

______19. Complete the Library Worksheet Packet. 150 pts.

______20. Complete an Internet scavenger hunt ( 100 pts.

B layer. Choose TWO. You must earn MINIMUM of 300 points in this section to move to the A Layer.

______1. Develop a K-W-L plus on your topic. 50 pts.

______2. Select TWO of the Note Taking strategies that we have learned and apply them to your topic. 100 pts.

______3. Complete ALL parts of the Writing Process for your topic. 150 pts.

______4. Select TWO Reading Strategies and apply them to your topic. Then write 1-page explaining the process you went through as an active reader. 150 pts.

______5. Write a 5-page paper analyzing the importance your topic has on you, your family and society. 200 pts.

A layer. Choose TWO. Complete a MINIMUM of 200 points in this section.

______1. Prepare a five-minute oral report about your topic to be presented to the class. 150 pts.

______2. Present your report to another group while they take notes. 50 pts.

______3. Based on your outside research, write a 3 page analysis of TWO different viewpoints on your topic (pro and con). 150 pts.

______4. Find 3 articles that discuss current events of the topic you selected, read and write a 1-page summary about the differences, if any, you found in your reading. 50 pts.

______5. Present a power point presentation on your topic to the class (min 10 mins), highlighting important points of your topic, how it impacts society, why you chose it and what your findings were. 250 pts.

Grading Scale:

A 1100+

B 900

C 600

D 350

F Below 350

Extra credit CAN be earned by completing more than the assigned points in each Layer.