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Romeo & Juliet (Drama)

Written by: Sherrard Pearce

Catawba County Schools in Hickory, North Carolina

Level "C" (max. 65 pts)

Romeo & Juliet (Drama)

1. Listen to teacher lecture and take notes. 5 pts. per day

2. Create original music that would serve as an introduction to the novel. 10 pts.

3. Create a diorama illustrating the story's major problem and solution. 10 pts.

4. Choose one character and write a poem about that character. 10 pts.

5. Choose 10 new or interesting words from the play and make flash cards with their definitions. Be sure to be able to tell their meanings. 10 pts.

6. View the film version of the play and compare it to the play. Which did you like better and why? 15 pts.

7. Find 6 examples of figurative language and draw cartoons illustrating the literal interpretation. 15 pts.

8. Make a computer slide show citing relevant literary terms and examples from the play. 15 pts.

9. Complete the entire set of "Elements of the Act" worksheets. 15 pts.

10. Answer in complete sentences all of the questions that follow each of the acts in the book. 15 pts.

11. Make a board game that illustrates the plot of the novel. 10 pts.

12. Create puppets of two major and two minor characters and perform a scene from the play that illustrates a major conflict or solution. 10 pts.

Level "B" (Choose one)

1. Propose an alternative ending. Your ending must be at least three double-spaced typed pages. 15 pts.

2. "Become" one of the characters. Write or record the equivalent of six diary entries as that character and appraise the plot development. 15 pts.

3. What would it have been like to live in Verona at that time? Based on your findings, why did Juliet react the way she did? 15 pts.

Level "A" (Choose one).

1. Research children who are driven to extreme measures by their parents. What factors can cause an adolescent to consider such drastic actions? How does the adolescent justify his behavior? 20 pts.

2. Research the legal system and how a person is charged with a crime. Make sure you know how a court case is carried out in a courtroom Decide who is responsible for the outcome of the play and "try" the person(s). Select a jury, have lawyers, agree upon a verdict, etc. 20 pts.