Biology Unit

by Sarah Harris, Mackay, ID

Biology Name_____________________

Ch. 18 Unit Sheet: Classification

C Layer Assignments: 65 Points Maximum. Choose from among the following, and staple all paperwork produced to this sheet.

____1. 5 points/day Listen to the discussion and take notes.

____2. 10 pts Learn the vocabulary.

____3. 10 pts ea. section Complete and learn the worksheets.

____4. 15 pts Do the Activity, "Using and Constructing a Classification Key."

____5. 10 pts ea. section Group read & discuss a section.

____6. 20 pts Read the chapter and do the Review at the end.

____7. 10 pts Create a poster or mobile depicting the Six Kingdom System.

____ 130 total

B Layer Assignment: 20 points.

____1. Take the chapter test and earn 75% or higher. OR

____2. Choose from one of these:

a. Devise a board game using the 6-Kingdom system.

b. Use a microscope to examine the pondwater provided. Draw the

organisms you find, and arrange the drawings into groups based on morphology.

c. Design an experiment to test how soil pH influences rates of photosynthesis.

d. Choose 6 species native to Yellowstone Park, one from each kingdom, and

construct a classification hierarchy for each one.

e. Complete the B layer assignment found at the end of the activity "Using and Constructing a

Classification Key"

A Layer Assignments: 10 points. Choose one.

____1. Earn 85% or higher on chapter test.

____2. Earn 75-85% on chapter test OR earn 20 points on a "B" layer assignment AND complete an "A" level

assignment on one of the following topics:

a. Did Modern man kill off the Neanderthals? (Keyword Neanderthal)

b. What was life like for Man during the Pleistocene Epoch? (better or worse than today?) (Keywords Pleistocene Man)

c. Is there enough evidence to support the Theory of Evolution? (Keywords Evolution Evidence)

d. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

____Total 86+ = A 71+ = B 56+ = C 40+ = D