Scott Wilson

Three Rivers Middle School

Cleves, OHIO

NAME: _______________________________________

UNIT TOPIC: Force/Newton’s Laws/Friction

Approximate # of days unit will last: 10-15 (2-3 weeks)

Objectives (what are we learning in this unit?): Describe how to recognize a force, define balanced and net forces, state Newton’s first law of motion, explain why friction works, state Newton’s second Law of Motion, explain why the direction of force is important, state Newton’s third law of motion, apply all three laws to real world situations/scenarios, describe how to use the law of conservation of momentum and Newton’s laws of motion to describe and analyze motion


                                                                      A: 100-90 at least 75 C layer pts /1 B-layer/ 1 A-layer

                                                                      B: 89-80 at least 75 C layers pts /1 B-layer

                                                                      C: 79-70 at least 80 C layer pts / NO B-layer/ NO A-layer

                                                                      D: 69-60 at least 60 C layer pts / NO B-layer/ NO A-layer

“C” layer assignments (Maximum 79 pts)

***= must do

***1. National Standards Test (we will do this twice/ once at the beginning of the unit and once at the end of the unit) 5 pts for both tests


***2. Listen to the lectures. Take notes. oral defense 2 pts for each lecture (Oral defense all all lectures)

_____ friction (rolling/static/sliding) ______ 1st law ________ 2nd law     _________ 3rd law


***4. Complete all the readings in chapter 7 and answer any 6 section assessment questions! (Be prepared to answer at least 2 non-section assessment questions from each section during your oral defense J ) O.D. 10 pts



*** 6. Science thinker/reasoning packet 5 pts O.D. (MUST BE ONE OF THE FIRST FIVE ASSIGNMETNS COMPLETED/ORALLY DEFENDED!!)

7. State the formulas for speed, velocity, acceleration, momentum, kinetic energy, potential energy, force, Newton’s second law of motion. 10 pts.

8. Take the 2 question quiz for chapter 7. Show all work. Box your answer. Don’t forget units! 5 pts


*** Design vocabulary flashcards for all the vocab words on pages 176, 181, 192 (9 vocab terms total) 10 pts


7. Balloon Races Lab (Newton’s Third Law) à You will need to bring in a balloon the day of the races (medium-sized balloons will work fine). Lab report due with this and it must be “typed.We will be up in the computer lab the day after the lab to type the lab report (you will do this with a partner) O.D. 10 pts

***8. Kick Ball/Mat Ball Lab (in the gym) (Newton’s 2nd Law)à O.D. 5 pts

***9. Board Game Lab (Start bringing in your favorite board games on Monday, Dec. 8th as we will have a “board game day”) (Newton’s 1st Law)à Typed lab report (done in comp. lab) O.D. 5 pts

10. Friction Lab (on videotape ) à answer questions given by Mr. Wilson O.D. 15 pts

***11. Kick “dis” lab. 10 pts

11. Hovercraft demonstration à Explain how this demo relates to all of Newton’s 3 laws O.D. 10 pts

12. Any other quick demo/lab we do in class as a demo (highlights of sports games/ other things)

____ 5 pts                          ____ 5 pts                    _____ 5 pts          


13. Design a skit (up to 4 people per group), which teaches Newton’s 3 laws of motion and 3 types of friction 5 pts

14. Compose and sing a song which has the definition of each LAW OF MOTION and 3 types of friction 5 pts


15. Design a cartoon which shows/teaches/demonstrates either Newton’s 3 laws of motion or 3 types of friction 10 pts


16. Watch a sporting event. Provide a written or typewritten summary of the game (summary must be at least two 8-10 sentence paragraph longà 1st paragraph should be summary of game/ 2nd paragraph should be describing how all three of Newton’s Laws of motion/3 types of friction were demonstrated) O.D. 5 pts

       Go to the following website:

                       <<You will need a computer with Shockwaveà Mr. W’s computer will work

       Click on the motorcyclist “icon.” How does this relate to Newton’s 1st law of motion?

       Click on the the car and the wall “icon.” How does this relate to Newton’s 2nd law of motion?

       Click on the the “truck and the ladder” icon. How does this relate to Newton’s 3rd law of motion?

       Click on the two elephant “icons.” How are the two demonstrations different? What factor does

           air resistance play?

                      <<Put all answers in either your lab notebook or a piece of paper>> 10 pts

18. Write or type a “test” covering Chapter 7. The test must have 5 true and false questions, 3 multiple choice questions, 5 matching, and 3 “problems.” (submit a “copy” of your test as well as an answer sheet to Mr. Wilson) You may “borrow” up to two questions from pages 204-205 to use on your test. (+10 pts extra credit for you and someone else if you have another classmate take your test (no books/notes allowed for help!). O.D. 10 points.

“B” layer assignments (Choose one only)

20. Design and perform (in class or on videotape) a lab which demonstrates all of Newton’s 3 laws. ) O.D. 10 pts

“A” layer assignments

21. Are cars running on the most efficient fuel possible? Research (and learn) 2 things: 1à How cars are able to run on gasoline (Use Newton’s 3 laws in your answer) and 2à Is there a more efficient/cheaper method cars could operate? 11 pts

22. Christopher Reeve was once one of the most sought-after actors of his time. He is often remembered most for starring in the SUPERMAN movies. Unfortunately, he was involved in an accident while riding a horse, which has since left him paralyzed from the neck down. Research and evaluate his situation (what struggles has he had to deal with/ is there any hope for him to walk again through current medical research?) as well as the hobby/sport known as horseback riding to decide whether it is a dangerous sport and whether enough safety precautions are being taken. (Newton’s 3 laws of motion as well as speed, velocity, acceleration and momentum must be included in your answer to the question 11 pts

PARENT SIGNATURE:_______________________________________________

                                                             (5 pts towards “C” layer)