Writing an Advertisement 

Grade 4

Shanna-Lee Kerr

Layer C: 

Choose 5 questions to answer in complete sentences on binder paper. Don't forget to put a proper heading including your name and the date. 

1. What is an advertisement?


2. Name 4 different places you can see/hear advertisements.


3. What is a jingle?


4. Why is it important to put the headline in bold letters?


5. Why would an advertiser create a jingle?


6.   What is a slogan? 

7. What is your favourite ad and why? 

8. What are adjectives and why are they used in advertising? 

9. Make a list of 5 adjectives you could use in an advertisement for snow cones. 

10. What is the purpose of an advertisement? 

Layer B:  

Design an advertisement for a new product. Be sure to include its name and a picture. Include some facts or claims. Use interesting adjectives to make it sound exciting. Use a snappy jingle or slogan. Make it bold, appealing and colourful. Think of ways of grabbing the reader's attention. Make sure the writing is large and neat. All of your words need to be spelled correctly. Your finished copy should be a work of art. 

Layer A: 

Answer one of the following in paragraph form on binder paper. Be sure to use a heading with your name and the date. 

  1. 1. a) When is an advertisement effective? (Effective means      producing an intended result.)
  2. b) Tell me about an advertisement, which you consider effective. Describe it or cut it out of a magazine and glue it onto binder paper. What makes it effective?
  3. c) Tell me about an advertisement, which you think is ineffective. (Ineffective means not producing the desired result) Describe it or cut it out and glue it on. What makes it ineffective?

2. Find an advertisement in a magazine that you think is not entirely 'honest'. Cut it out and glue it onto binder paper. Answer the following questions about it. What makes you think this ad is not 'honest'? Should advertisers be allowed to design ads that are questionable? Would you buy this product? Why or why not?    


      Layer C - /10

      Layer B -   /30

      Layer A -    /10