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Grade 4 Science - Shelter

Martha Verde, Cleveland Schools


Day 1

Teacher reads the book "A HOUSE IS A HOUSE FOR ME".

Choose 1 activity after you read pages 5-9 in your textbook.

1. Write about 3 animals and describe their home.

2. Draw any animal and their home.

Day 2

Choose 1 activity from the list below. You may do the activity by yourself, with a partner, or in a small group of 4.

1. Watch the video clip about animal homes. Write a paragraph about what you saw.

2. Go to the computer and find the web site: Investigate how an animal of your choice makes its home. Be ready to share the information with your class.

3. Meet with the teacher at the science table and investigate the bee's nest. Bring a piece of paper to write notes and draw sketches.

Day 3

Today everyone must to the same project. However, you may do it in any way listed below or in your own way if you have a better idea. Describe your house. Make sure you describe the rooms and what is inside your house.

1. You can write about your house. Make sure you use complete sentences.

2. You can draw your house. Make sure you accurately draw each room and what is inside of each room.

3. You can make a 3D model of your house. Make sure you include all rooms.

Day 4

Each person will share his or her house with the class. You must be able to answer all questions in front of the class. When everyone has had an opportunity to share you may choose one activity listed below.

1. Meet with another person from the class. Compare your house with theirs. Make a list of the things that are similar and the differences in each house. Come up with a list of 5 questions that you ask to find out more information about the other person's house.

2. Make a T-chart comparing your house with an animal's house. Draw the different parts directly across from each other so it is easy to see what you are comparing. For example: the entrance to the house, the place where food is kept, etc. Come up with 5 reasons why each house is suitable for its owner.

Day 5

Choose one question and answer it using the information that you learned this week and what you already know. You must write at least 2 paragraphs.

1. Why did your parents choose the house that you live in?

2. Why do people and animals live in houses?

3. Why doesn't everyone live in a mansion?