Figurative Language Layered Curriculum

Shiloh Crawford
Derfelt E.S
Las Vegas, Nevada


Layer C. You must complete 8. This section can be done during reading. 

* indicates something everyone must do. 

  1. *Complete the daily word sort with word list given by teacher. There will be a new sheet weekly and a weekly test.

  1. *Make flash cards with the definition and an example of Figurative Language, Alliteration, Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Onomatopoeia, Oxymoron, Hyperbole, Synonyms, Irony.
  1. Use 5 different forms of figurative language to describe your group book. This can be in sentence form, paragraph form, or poetic form.
  1. Find 5 examples of any figurative language in your group book and write it in your journal.
  1. Read five poems and find a form of figurative language in each poem. Record them in your journal.
  1. Make a figurative Language Awards Bookmark from your reading group book.
  1. Do the Synonyms Practice Sheet.
  1. Do the Similes Worksheet.
  1. Do the Metaphor Worksheet.
  1. Do the Personification Worksheet.

Layer B- You must complete 3. 

  1. In a group of no more than 4 construct a brief skit with the title Simile and Metaphor Go To The _________________. The first character, Simile, can only talk in similes (comparisons between two unlike things using “like” or “as”) and Metaphor can only talk in metaphors (direct comparisons between two unlike things.)
  2. Make up a song Titled the Onomatopoeia Song to the tune of another song. Make sure you have the definition and examples of Onomatopoeias in the song. (optional) Make up posters or props to go with the song. Teach the class the song.
  3. Choose several vivid or humorous Oxymorons’ (you can find some on-line). Make up two of your own Oxymoron’s. You are going to share all of these with the class and they are going to try and guess which one you made up and which one you found on-line.
  4. Make up a synonym concentration game. Play with others.
  5. Do the Creating Figurative Language Worksheet.

Layer A- You must complete 2 .

    1. Personification is where you give distinct human qualities, e.g. Honesty, emotion, mood ect. To an animal, object or idea. Choose something in nature for example a tree and write a 3 poems using personification. One poem must be a limerick, one a haiku, and one a rhyming poem example: AABB, ABAB, AABAAC ect.
    2. Complete the Headline Poem Assignment.
    3. Write an essay describing figurative language in your own words. Explain why it is important to writing, what your favorite form of it is and why, and how to use it.