Parts of Nonfiction Layered Curriculum

Shiloh Crawford

Derfelt E.S
Las Vegas, Nevada


Layer C. You must complete 6. This section can be done during reading. 

* indicates something everyone must do. 

  1. *Complete the daily word sort with word list given by teacher. There will be a new sheet weekly and a weekly test.
  1. * Take two column notes on assigned reading.
  1. Write down three facts from your reading everyday.
  1. Write down three opinions from your reading everyday.
  1. Complete the lesson review each day.
  1. Write directions to a plant on how to do photosynthesis.
  1. Write directions for decomposition.

Layer B- You must complete 2. 

  1. In a group of no more than 4 construct a brief skit with the title herbivores carnivores and omnivores go to the_________________. The characters, must show their meaning.
  2. Make up a song Titled the scavenger song. Sung to the tune of another song. Make sure you have the definition and examples of scavenger in the song.
  3. Make up a game where you use the food chain and food web to play.

Layer A- You must complete 1 .

    1. Write  3 poems Your assigned reading.One poem must be a limerick, one a haiku, and one a rhyming poem example: AABB, ABAB, AABAAC ect.
    2. Write an essay describing what you learned in this layered curriculum in your own words. Explain why it is important to reading, and why, and how to use them.