Reading Strategies Layered Curriculum

Shiloh Crawford
Derfelt E.S
Las Vegas, Nevada


Layer C. You must complete 8. This section can be done during reading. 

* indicates something everyone must do. 

  1. *Complete the daily word sort with word list given by teacher. There will be a new sheet weekly and a weekly test.

  1. *Speed drills, choose one page in your assigned reading. With a partner read the page out loud for 1 minute as your partner records the number of errors. Switch. This needs to be done with the same pager everyday until both of you have no errors..
  1. Illustrate a scene from the book, using paint, markers, colored pencils, pen and ink, charcoal, colored paper, photographic collage, etc. (10pts)
  1. Find song lyrics from any artist that you feel define one of the characters in the book. Copy the lyrics and in a paragraph describe why you think these lyrics define that particular character.
  1. Create your own dictionary with words from the story. Include pronunciation guide, definitions, and if given, origin of the word. Hint: find out about online dictionaries.
  1. Act out a scene from the book. You may work with one or more partners.
  1. Choose one character and write a limerick about that character.
  1. Create puppets of 2 major and 2 minor characters.
  1. Act out a scene with your puppets.

Layer B- You must complete 2. 

  1. Write a one to two page report on Jerry Spinelli. Use the Internet or an encyclopedia to find out important facts about the author.
  2. Rewrite the ending of the novel. Include dialogue and description. Do you like your ending better or the book's original ending?
  3. Write a one to two page description of the favorite character from the book and tell why you find him or her.
  4. Write a one to two page narrative of something that happened to you in fourth grade.

Layer A- You must complete 1

    1. Create a Big Book Alphabet Book-25 sentences A-Z that "capture" the book and its characters, plot, lessons to be learned, and illustrated. Try to use words from the book!
    1. Ponder what you think is the main theme or overarching concept of the     book. Write it down. Then choose two of the following: (40 points)
        1. Write a 200 to 300-word essay about this theme.
        2. Read another book that relates directly to that theme   
        3. Tell about the new book in a Thursday Share session.