Shonna Schrock
6th Grade Science and Social Studies
Eagle's Nest

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Level C – (You must complete between 70-79 points)

_____ 1.  Lecture notes. (20 points)

_____ 4.  Compare and contrast two biomes.  Use a Venn Diagram (10 pts.)

_____ 5.  Create a collage for each biome on 1 poster.  Include showing the climate, animals, and trees.  (20 pts.)( Art Project)

_____ 6.  Watch the Lion King Movie and complete the questions. (10 pts.)

_____ 7.  Write 5 facts from each of the Planet Earth videos.  (15 pts.)

_____ 8.  Complete “How can you graph climate data in your area?”  (10 pts.)

_____ 9.  Complete math practice worksheet on converting temperature.  (5 pts.)

_____ 10.  Make a T chart with the pictures of non renewable resources on one side and the other side put renewable resources.  (15 pts.)

_____ 11.  Create a song for the 3 Rs. Perform it for 2 people. (5 pts.)

_____ 12.  Draw a food chain that begins with grass and ends with humans.  Label the producers and consumers. (20 pts.)( Art Project)

_____ 13.  Draw and label all three cycles H20, N2, and 02.  (15 pts.)

_____ 14.  Write a song about the H20 cycle. (5 pts.)

Layer B – Pick 2

_____ 15.  Do the Dichotomous Key Lab. (10)

______ 16. How to go Green wrapping present Lab. (10)

_____ 17.  Do the Shoe Classification Lab. (10)

_____ 18.  Make up your own biome.  Name it, invent characteristics, plants, and animals.  Draw it and out it on a poster. (20 pts) (Art Project)

_____ 19.  In a shoe box, create a model of a biome.  Write a short essay describing the objects in your model and how they are related to the biome. (15 pts)

_____ 20.  Pair up with a partner and complete biome in a bag.  Complete criteria along with constructing a poster. (15 pts)

_____  21.  Do the Creepy Critters Experiment .  (10 pts) 

Layer A- Pick One

_____  22.  Select a biome. Create a “Big Book” for a young child showing the climate, the animals, and plants for that biome.  Also include some adaptations that plants and animals have made for that biome. 

_____  23.  Research to find a scientist that in involved in the study of biomes.  What has his/her work shown?  What is being done as a result of their studies?  A two page written report is required.

_____  24.  What is acid rain? What region(s) of the US is it affecting? What effect is it having on the wild life?

_____ 25.  Take a position on global warming.  Is it affecting certain biomes?  Explain your position and give evidence supporting your position in a two page report.

_____ 26.  Plan a community project using the 3 R’s. Give me the action plan and the resources (typed). Let’s try to do it in our community. Examples: Picking up trash, plant a tree, collect recyclable items.