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Biology Chapter 7 Assignments: A View of the Cell 


2108 Describe the advancement of microscope technology and its role in the discoveries of cells and cell function

2109 Compare a compound and electron microscope

2110 Describe the function of a plasma membrane

2111 Describe the fluid mosaic model

2112 Describe the components and function of the eukaryotic cell

2113 Describe the advantage that membrane folding provides in the cell.

2114 Compare and contrast plant and animal cells

2115 Describe how the processes of diffusion, passive transport, osmosis, and active transport occur

Layer C Application (100 points)

Select either one or two, and then every student should complete number three and four.

_________ 1, (10 points) complete the chapter worksheets and define the chapter vocabulary terms. Assessment based upon oral questions from the instructor. 

_________2, (10 points) complete the section word diagrams and notes and show them to your instructor. (Notes include re-writing the objectives into questions, then answering the questions after reading the chapter.) 

________ 3. Use complete sentences and paragraphs to answer the discussion questions at the end of each section. You should be prepared to describe your answers individually to your instructor.

______ Section 7.1 __________ Section 7.2   _________Section 7.3 

_________4, Required by all students, you must pass each of the following quizzes

      Table of Quizzes that must be completed for this unit:

    Quiz Value Your Score Notes
    Section 7.1 10   Section 7.1 Reading
    Section 7.2 10   Section 7.2 Reading
    Section 7.3 10   Section 7.3 Reading
    Cell Organelle 15   Chapter reading
    Cell Nucleus 5   Cell nucleus activity
    Fluid Mosaic Proposal 5   Fluid Mosaic Activity Sheet
    Fluid Mosaic Model 5   The structure and function of a cell membrane

Complete up to three for a total of 100 points from the following menu of items. (Show your work to the class.) 

_________5, Find an article on the topic being discussed for the chapter from a resource other than the text. Obtain a copy and read the article. While reading the article, highlight the words you recognize a vocabulary words from the chapter. Make notes in the margins of discussions in the article similar or different from the text.

_________6. Use an alternative text on this topic, taking notes and defining the terms. (This will be worth the same as 1 and 3.)

_________7. Make a list of five foods and identify the ingredients in each. Then list the primary organic compounds found in each ingredient and where they came from.

_________8. Make models of the plant and animal cells that clearly show their differences.

_________9. The same as above except the models should be completely edible.

_______10. Make a model of the plasma membrane and explain the structure to the class.

_______11. Make a poster of the cell membrane.

_______12. Use the Biology text as a resource to find out which body systems rely on selective permeability to complete their function.

_______13. Make a display showing the differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

_______14. Research and give examples of careers that would require the study of cells in living organisms. 

Layer B. Application of learned information includes the choice of the following activities. You must complete 25 points to move to the A layer.

_______ 8, Choose from the following menu to total 25 points. A through E, G, and H are five points each; F is worth 10 points and must be completed by everyone. (You must explain your work to the instructor before turning in the assignment.) 

The chapter assessment is worth 100 points. The formal exam will be completed by all students. 

Part A. Thinking 

What are scientists currently researching in order to learn about cells? (Or do we already know enough about cells?)