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Peggy Childs, Washington County School District, St. George, UT

- first grade activity-

Standard 2: Students recognize how technological developments affect the family, school, and neighborhood over time.

Objective 1: Observe how technology has been used in the past and present in homes.

1 Describe how household tasks were accomplished in the past when parents and grandparents were children.

2 Describe how household tasks are currently done in the home.

3 Predict how household tasks may change in the future.

Day 1 - Introduction and Center Activities

The teacher will lead the discussion about household tasks. The discussion will talk about how things are done now, how they were done when their parents and grandparents were little, and then they will predict how household tasks will change in the future. Students will then divide into groups and go to three different learning centers. Ten minutes will be spent at each center. They will rotate through the centers until they have visited them all. At each center, they may choose an activity.

Center 1 - Choose one

____ With a partner, look in the "What is it?" box and guess what the item is. Give it a

name and tell how you would use it.

____ With a partner, tell how your grandfather would build a house.

____ Draw a picture that shows a how your mother washes the dirty clothes.

____ With a partner, go through the work or play cards. Make one pile for work,

and another for play.

Center 2 - Choose one

____ Make vocabulary flashcards: jobs, computer, machine, work, technology

____ Do one of the worksheets from the Learning Box.

____ At the computer, do the Jobs We Do program.

____ Listen to the When You're Helping, Your Happy song with earphones.

Center 3 - Choose one

____ Watch the video cartoon on the Flintstones and the Jetsons.

____ Using the recorder, tell a story you have heard about the kinds of chores your

parents used to do.

____ Describe household chores from another country.

____ Draw a picture of you doing a chore at your house.

Day 2 - Review and Reflection

Teacher leads class in a discussion about how household chores have changed over time.

The teacher makes a chart as responses are given. Students respond to yesterdays

activities then are asked:

1 How would your life be different if you lived when your grandparents lived?

2 What would your life be like if you lived in the future?

3 What kinds of machines will they have?

Activities - Choose one

____ Draw a picture of a machine in the future. What will it do? How will your life

be different because of it?

____ With a partner, imagine you lived a long time ago. Go to the dress up box, select

an outfit. Pretend you old and let the other students ask you questions about


____ Be a teacher. Some students don't know how to use the computer as good as

you. Be a teacher, and show them how to do something on the computer. They

will appreciate it!