The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Layered Curriculum
For 7th Grade Language Arts
By: Ms. Stephanie Ritter,
De Soto Middle School, WI

Layered Curriculum is, essentially, an opportunity for self-made choice in the process of evaluation.  While reading this novel, YOU get to choose the projects that best help you apply what you’ve read.  Everyone will start on the C layer and work their way to the A layer.  Aim high!  All work done will be quality.  You will be explaining your work through oral defense.

Grading Scale:                                                        Mandatory Activities:
180-162: A              125-108: D                              1.  Read the novel.
161-144: B               <108: F                                   2.  Keep a vocabulary log.
143-126: C                                                               3.  Take quizzes.

C Layer: Choose the activities you want to do for a total of 35-50 points.  You must earn at least 35 points before moving on to the B layer.

____ (10) C1: Create vocabulary flashcards for all words as we read the novel.

____ (15) C2: Create vocabulary worksheets for each set of words, with a key.

____ (5) C3: Create a quality, colored illustration of one important scene.

____ (10) C4: Write a 1-2 page journal entry(ies) from Captain Jaggery’s point of view.  Watch your CONVENTIONS!

____ (10) C5: Cut out of magazines to create a collage of items representing the book.  You may use words and names as well as pictures.

____ (10) C6: Design a personal coat of arms for one character in the novel.  Use color!

____ (5) C7: Complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting two sailors in the story.  List at least six things in each category.

____ (15) C8: Rewrite a section of the novel. Please write at least 2 handwritten pages.

____ (15): C9: Create a survey, and ask at least 15 people of all ages (not in 7th grade) five questions about the 1800s to see how much they know about this time period.  Graph your results on a poster.

____ (15): C10: Create a map depicting the path of the journey that the Sea Hawk took.  Make sure your map is accurate!  Include a map key and label major bodies of water and land. Use color!

____ (15): C11: Create two 10-question quizzes about two of the chapters.  The final drafts must be typed.  Think about important details that students should know and remember after reading the chapter.  Include a typed answer key.

____ (15): C12: Make a set of 3 “baseball cards” about 3 of the characters.  On the front, draw a picture and write the name.  On the back, list 5-10 facts about the character.

B Layer: Choose the activities you want to do for a total of 60-80 points.  You must earn at least 60 points before moving on to the A layer.

____ (20) B1: Handwrite a 1-2 page biography about the author, Avi.  It must be in your own words.  Include interesting facts, and focus on ORGANIZATION.

____ (20) B2: Find two current news articles that somehow relate, or have a connection to, this novel.  Summarize the articles in 1-2 paragraphs, and explain how they relate.

____ (35) B3: Build a sailing ship.  You may use whatever materials you have-popsicle sticks, cardboard, etc.  The diagrams in the back of the novel may help you.

____ (10): B4: With a partner, rehearse a 3-5 minute interpretive dance, depicting the plot of the novel so far.

____ (35): B5: Record a soundtrack for the novel.  Choose 8-12 songs purposefully, that go along with different scenes from the book.  Create the cover design, a track listing and actually make the CD.  On a separate sheet, give reasons why you chose each of the songs.

____ (25): B6: Make a small booklet showing the differences between types of ships.  On each page, draw one ship and write a definition, or explanation of that type of ship.  Choose 4 of these: Bilander, brig, clipper, cutter, dinghy, luzzu, or sloop.

____ (20): B7: Create a “guide to etiquette” handout listing rules of proper behavior for ladies and gentlemen.  It can be 1800s style or modernized.  Use the proper VOICE.  List and describe at least 10 rules.  We will be making copies to give to the class.

____ (20): B8: Write a 3-page script for three-person play that is set in the 1800s.  Choose two friends, practice it, and act it out for the class.  Use props!

A Layer: Choose one activity that you want to do for a total of 50 points.

____ (50): A1: Write a 2-3 page, typed informative essay on the following topic.  How has life changed for women since the 1800s?  Has it changed?  How so?  What obstacles do women still face today?  Do some research.  I expect a rough draft with your final copy.

____ (50): A1: Now that you’ve learned about the 1800s, create a brochure on the computer.  The purpose of this brochure is to inform others about this time period.  Use your own words!  On one section, write the following heading “Why is it Important to Learn about the 1800s?” and explain.  You may work with a partner.

____ (50): Create a scrapbook on the Victorian era.  Include articles, real journal entries, games, housing, work, major events, etc.  On each page, you must include a one-paragraph description of the pictures/articles you chose.  The entire thing must be typed.  This must be quality.

____ (50): Write a 2-3 page, typed personal essay on the following topic.  In the novel, Charlotte became “something she was not.”  Have you ever surprised yourself by acting differently than normal, or stepping outside of your typical character?  Describe the situation.  Why did you do this?  Was it beneficial or harmful?  What were the results?

____ (50): Design a board game for The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.  You must include the board, pieces, some type of dice or cards, and typed instructions.  The game should be relevant to the novel’s plot and should look “Victorian”.  You may work with a partner.