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Propaganda Techniques

by Stephanie Cox and Sandy Pizzolato

Napoleonville Middle School

Napoleonville, Louisiana

7th grade Reading/ Social Studies

Name: Due Date:

Your Score ____/205pts ( assignments with an "*"are REQUIRED and will be done as a class)

Day One: Choose two (possible 15pts)

*1. Listen to the lecture, take notes (5pts)

2. Choose 2 of the 5 techniques and gives examples of commercials or ads that you have seen or heard that have used those techniques. (10pts)

3. List 3 different examples of the Testimonial technique. (10pts)

4. Draw an example of a Bandwagon ad. (10pts)

Day Two: Choose two (possible 25pts)

*1. Listen to the lecture, take notes(5pt)

2. List reasons why certain propaganda techniques are used to sell products. (15pts)

3. Choose a product and write a paragraph explaining what type of propaganda technique you would choose to promote that product. (20pts)

4. Choose one of the magazine ads in the AD FOLDER and identify which propaganda technique is being used. (Support your answer) (15pts)

Day Three: Choose two or three (possible 80pts)

1. Create a portfolio of your work for this unit. (15pts)

2. Design a poster explaining a propaganda technique of your choice. (25pts)

3. For Homework watch TV and compose a list of commercials that use propaganda techniques. You must identify which techniques are being used for each commercial you list. (30pts)

4. Write a commercial for lead pencils using the Bandwagon technique. (be creative) (25pts)

Day Four: Choose two or three (possible 35pts)

1. Make vocabulary flash cards. (10pts)

2. Choose one or two worksheets to complete (5pts each)

3. *Describe how learning to recognize propaganda techniques can help students when it comes to purchasing items. (Must be at least 2 paragraphs long. Make sure you give examples). (20pts)

Day Five:

Take a TEST on Propaganda techniques. (50pts)

Grading Scale: below 145=F 145-157=D 158-176=C 177-191=8 192-205=A