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by Stephanie Cox and Mel Talbot

Napoleonville Middle School

Napoleonville, Louisiana

NAME(S)________________________ DATE____________________

This sheet represents your grade. Do NOT lose it. Each of you will be responsible for maintaining your own sheet. All points must be earned in the C Layer before work can begin on the B Layer. You will receive the grade associated with the highest layer completed. You may work individually or as a team.

C LAYER (REQUIRED - 60 points)

*Choose a country you would like to visit. Use the Internet and

any other resources you can find to research your country to

complete the attached facts/details worksheet. (30 points) * ______

*Draw and color a map and include the capital city, border countries

or bodies of water, and rivers. (15 points) ______

*Construct a "double bubble map" comparing and contrasting the

United States to your country of choice. (15 points) ______

B LAYER (Choose from the following activities to earn 40 points.)

1. Compose an acrostic poem using the name of your country.

The information must be about your country. (10 points) * ______

1 List at least 6 words in the language spoken in your country needed

to communicate when you visit.

Translate them to English. (10 points) * ______

1 Draw and color the flag of your country. (10 points) ______

2 Construct a concept map (using Inspiration) sharing at least 10

important facts about your country. (20 points) * ______

1 Compose a letter to your parents persuading them to let

you visit your country of choice. Be sure to include all parts

of a letter and at least 3 reasons and details to support the

reasons. (20 points) * ______

1 Construct a word search puzzle of names of cities, rivers,

Mountains, lakes, etc. - at least 15 words. (10 points) * ______

A LAYER (Choose 1 activity to earn 40 points)

1 Design a colorful travel brochure that will encourage visitors to ______

travel to your country. You may use magazines, computer

generated pictures, and/or hand-drawn pictures.

2 Compose a multi-paragraph editorial recommending why people ______

should visit this country. Make sure to tell some of the famous

sites you would visit and why. *

3 Create a Power Point presentation sharing your information about ______

your country with the class. *See me for assistance, if needed.*

4 Design and construct a poster depicting scenes or famous sites to

visit in your country. ______

*denotes computer use


NAME(S)________________________ DATE____________________


My Country


Use the Internet and any other resource you can find to research your country to complete this facts/details worksheet about your country.

1 On which continent is your country?________________________________________

2 What is the capital city of your country?_____________________________________

3 Name some important rivers (2+) in your country.

______________________________ ______________________________________

1 Are there any mountains in your country? If so name a few.


1 What language is spoken in your country?___________________________________

2 What type of money is used in your country?_________________________________

3 What is the population in your country?_____________________________________

4 What are the major crops grown in your country?


1 What jobs in manufacturing can you find in your country?


10.What famous sites can be seen in this country?


11.What borders your country on the north?___________________

south?__________________ east?_____________________ west?_________________

12.Which ocean is nearest your country? _______________________________________

In which direction?______________________