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Senses Unit- Grade 1

by Stephanie Cox

Napoleonville, LA

Name _________________________ 6 Day Unit Due Date _________


1. The student will be able to demonstrate how to use their senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste to observe and describe the world around them.

Day 1

Choose one of the following:

Read the book I Spy. Show the teacher 5 items you have found in the book.

Look in the picnic basket. Play I spy with a partner. You should each have 5 turns.

Draw a picture of your favorite toy. Describe your picture to the teacher and tell why it is your favorite toy.

Choose one of the following:

Create a picture that shows how you and your partner look different.

Can you tell if something is hot or cold without touching it? Tell the teacher.

Day 2

Go on a picnic with your class. With your class make a chart of the following:

Tell how you used your senses.

What did you learn this week?

What good health habits did you follow today?

How would you use your senses to describe the food you ate? Is this food healthy?

What have you seen, heard, smelled or tasted on your picnic?

Day 3

Choose one of the following:

Read the book Yertle the Turtle. Tell the teacher why the bear things he smells so well.

Make a drawing of the foods you think smell great.

Smell the items in the containers on the table. Write down what you think is in each of the container.

Do the following with your class mates:

Take a smell walk around the school. Write down the name of smells and where in the school you smelled it. When you get back to the classroom compare your list to the list of your partner and tell each other if you liked or disliked the smells.

Day 4

Choose one of the following:

Listen to the tape with the headphones. Make a list of the sounds in the tape.

Shake the containers found on the table. Try to guess what is in each. Tell the teacher what your guess is and why.

Watch the video tape of the orchestra. Do you like this music? Tell the teacher how the music makes you feel.

Choose one of the following:

Listen to the tape on table 2. Draw happy faces for every sound you like and a frown for each that you don't like. Count the number of happy faces and frowning faces. Compare your numbers with a classmate.

What kinds of sounds would you hear on a picnic? Draw a picture of what would make those sounds.

Day 5

Ramon and his family are on a picnic. Ramon feeds the ducks, played with the dog, and dug for worms for fishing. His mother calls him to lunch. With your partner, discuss what Ramon should do.

There is no sink for Ramon to wash in. What might he do?

Group discussion of health habits.

Do one of the following:

Draw a picture of a healthy habit on a picnic or at school.

In your journal draw or write about one way you try to stay healthy.

Day 6

Choose one of the following:

Tell the difference between two different foods on the table.

With a partner, do a taste test. Follow the directions given by the teacher. Wear the blindfold and taste the items your partner puts in your mouth. Try to guess what it is. Take turns.

Do the following with your partner:

The teacher will discuss the food pyramid. With your partner, cut pictures out of magazines and glue on your pyramid.