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Descriptive Writing 5th Grade English

by Stephanie Cox and Ruby Naquin

Napoleonville Middle School

Napoleonville, Louisiana

Student Name_______________________

Strand: Writing


1. The learner will be able to develop compositions on self-selected topics or in response to prompts using descriptive writing.

2. The learner will be able to recognize and use various methods of support and elaboration (facts, reasons, examples, sensory details) in compositions.

Level C - (Required) (60 points)

1. Journal topic: "Describe what you think the best vacation would

be like." (5 points) ____

2. Choose a picture from a newspaper/magazine, glue it

on a sheet of paper, and write 4 descriptive details about it. (10 pts.) ____

3. Journal topic: "Describe the best movie you have ever seen

without mentioning the title." (5 points) ____

4. After viewing transparency of "Using Sensory Images,"

complete "sensory words" chart. ( 10 pts.) ____

5. Bring an object to class in a brown paper bag. Describe the

object to the class, using sensory words, and let them guess

the object. ( 5 points) ____

6. Journal topic: "Use sensory details to describe the best meal

you have ever eaten." (5 points) ____

7. Play "Guess Who?" Think of a well-known person, such as

a historical figure, famous athlete, entertainer, etc. Write at

least 4-5 clues about the person. Either as whole class, or

group activity, let your classmates guess your famous person.

Decide which clue was most helpful, and mark it. ( 10 pts.) ____

8. After viewing "Build-a-Story" transparency, create your own

build-a-story. Write an introductory sentence identifying the

item you are describing. Then begin adding adjectives,

adverbs, and prepositional phrases until you have at least

3 sentences about your topic. (10 pts.) ____

Level B (Choose 1-Whichever you choose will be your topic for Level A.-40 pts.)

1. Choose one of the 2 attached topics, and complete the outline

using descriptive details (sensory details, adjectives, adverbs,

prepositional phrases.) (40 pts.) ____

2. Complete a Venn Diagram comparing 4th & 5th grade.

(must include at least 4 similarities and 4 differences) (40 pts.) ____

3. Write a "Name Poem," and complete outline. (40 pts.) ____

Level A - 40 pts.

Write a 2-3 paragraph descriptive composition using the information

from Level B. (must be edited for correct spelling, punctuation,

capitalization, and grammar). ____

Descriptive Composition Requirements: 1. Write your name and date on the top line. 2. Write a title in the center of the next line. 3. Write on the topic selected from Level B. 4. Write at least 2 paragraphs. (If your topic was the "Name Poem," write the title of the name poem on the top of the paper, skip a line, and then write your descriptive paragraph of at least 5 sentences about your subject.) 5. Double space. 6. Write on one side of the paper only. 7. Edit for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.