5th Grade Communication Arts: Going West

Steve Ritter
LC Trainer
Clinton, MO.

C Layer: Follow the directions for each objective

Day 1: Objective: Compare and contrast the pros and cons of going west in 1700s (organization of information, perspectives). Choose 1 of the following:

____ Write 5 entries into a journal detailing how your family decided to go or not to go west.

Days 2 and 3: Objective: Use nonfiction work to find a research topic for project & locate primary resources (journals, diaries, etc).

_____ Go online and find a website discussing the history of the west and take notes and narrow down an idea.

_____ Go to a website that has letters, diaries, or journals of people who went west. Find a challenge, a topic of interest, or a career that you wish to study further.

_____ Interview an adult about what they know about westward expansion and share what you would research further.

_____ Find a real person who lived in the west and research their experiences.

Days 4-5: Objective: Practice note-taking strategies, organize information, and locate resources

____ Utilize your resources to take notes. Make a running list of the things you’ve learned about your topic or person.

B Layer: Choose 1 of the following:

____ Create a Power Point Presentation to share with the class the information about your topic.

____ Build a model of a structure or landscape that relates to your topic. Share with the class the meaning of your model and what you learned about your topic.

____ Design a children’s book w/ pictures and text that would teach someone younger than you about your topic.  Share it with the class.

_____ Dress the part of someone heading west.  Bring in at 3 other items to help you explain the challenges you would have faced. Base this on the lives of one of the people you researched.

A Layer: Choose 1 of the following