American History

Steve Ritter
Clinton High School
Clinton, Missouri

Unit 19-21: Changes in America in the Late 1800s 

Name: ______________________________________ Test Date: _____________ 

C Layer: Choose 1 assignment for each objective. Due date: _________

Objective: Summarize the changes to cultures in the west. 

_____ Write a speech about the actions of whites and how they are disrupting the lives of the Native Americans RUBRIC 

_____ Create a chart outlining 3 ways that the West changed in this era  

_____ Build a timeline of events over this unit. RUBRIC 

Objective: Explain how the business world evolved in the United States during this era. 

_____ Create a list of 5 changes in the business world during this era and explain each. 

_____ Complete an oral presentation to the teacher and your group as Andrew Carnegie or John D. Rockefeller that explains what you did and how you changed business in this era. 

Objective: Outline the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the United States’ economy and culture. 

_____ Write a half page narrative as if you are living in a city during this era. Explain how the Industrial Revolution affected your life and the lives of your family members. 

_____ Create a t-chart outlining the positives and negatives of the Industrial Revolution on society during this era. 

Objective: Analyze the effects of immigration during the 1800s on the economy and population in the US. 

Interpret and create a chart based on population growth during the late 1800s.

-provide information about immigration during the 1800s. Students will create a chart and will have to describe the different parts of their chart 

Objective: Summarize the changes made in the lives of people during the late 1800s. Include advancements in society and how they would have affected their lives. 

_____ Choose 3 advancements you think are most important to this era. Justify your choices. 

_____ Choose an invention or advancement in society during this time. Make comparisons to an advancement or invention we use today in terms of impact of society, usefulness, etc. 

Objective: Students will know terms and people related to the U.S. in the late 1800s. 

_____ Flashcards RUBRIC 

_____ Create a crossword puzzle using 15 terms/people. Have someone complete and sign it. 

_____ Create a chart of 10 terms/people and provide a description of why each is important. 

B Layer: Complete the required assignment. Due Date: __________ 

_____ Group project: Create a video News Program to be posted online on TeacherTube. Details will come the day before the project begins. RUBRIC 

A Layer: Choose 1 assignment from each grouping. Due Date: __________ 

Group A: 

_____Where else in the world are a people’s culture becoming extinct? Find an example and compare what is happening to that culture to what happened to the Plains Indians. 

_____What changes are happening in the business world today? Find out what the current trends are in the U.S. business world today and compare to that of 100 years ago. 

Group B: 

_____ Immigration is a major issue in the U.S. today. What is each side saying?  Which side would you lean towards and why? 

_____Our lives are being changed daily.  What factors do you believe are having the greatest impact on changing the way we live today? 

Students are required to involve parents in their education. Students will have parents sign their unit sheets after the A Layer has been graded.

Parent Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________ 

**Parents/guardians with questions can contact Mr. Ritter at or 885-2247 ext. 211. His plan period is from Noon-1pm daily to meet in person or accept/return phone calls.