Social Studies – World History

Steve Ritter
Clinton High School
Clinton, Missouri

Chapter 12: Empires in East Asia – Unit Sheet 

Test Date: ____________   Name: ______________________________ 

C Layer: Follow the directions for each objective. Due Date: _________ 

Objective 1: Student should know the three levels of society in China and be able to explain the division of classes, along with the cultural aspects of each (Section 1). Choose 1: 

_____ Create a chart using computer paper that illustrates the class system in China. RUBRIC 

_____ Write a short narrative in the first person where you explain what social class in China you are a part of. Then, explain what the other 2 classes do and how you interact with them. 

Objective 2: The students should understand about the major accomplishments of the Mongol Empire and be able to evaluate their legacy (Sections 2 and 3). Choose 1: 

_____ Create a mobile that describes and compares the three major Mongol leaders during this period. RUBRIC 

_____ Construct a timeline with at least 3 highlights from each of the 3 Mongol leaders we discussed. RUBRIC 

Objective 3: Students should know how Kublai Kahn treated the people he conquered and explain how the improvements made in society contributed to his reign (Section 3). 

_____ Complete the following website activity at:  

_____ Draw a sketch of a view of Chinese society under Kublai Kahn’s rule. Be prepared to explain how the images reflect his reign during this period. 

_____ Assess Kublai Kahn as a leader in a one page essay. (See MAP-like words packet) 

Objective 4: Explain how the geography of East Asia affects its culture. Student should be able to describe the geography of Japan and Korea (Sections 4 and 5). Choose 1: 

_____ Write a letter to a friend in Europe describing how the geography of East Asia affects your culture.  Be sure to describe the geography. RUBRIC 

_____ Prepare an oral summary based on how people in that region interact with their geography that evaluates if a person should move to Japan. 

Objective 5: Students should understand the comparing and contrasting roles of women in China, Korea, and Japan during this era (Sections 1, 4 and 5). Choose 1:  

_____ Create a chart outlining the roles of women in China, Korea, and Japan during this era. 

_____ Discuss with the teacher (and without using notes) the roles of women in China, Korea, and Japan during this era. 

Objective 6: Students should know key terms and people related to China, Japan, and Korea during this era (All Sections) Choose 2 of the following: 

_____ Research a major leader from East Asia during this era.  Create a journal with 5 entries (each a half page long) that outlines what they have done, and what some of their accomplishments have been. 

_____ Complete the website activity at the following website: You get 3 tries then it resets. Once all are in place notify your teacher for confirmation (this must be done at school). 

_____ Make flash-cards using 15 of the terms and people from the chapter RUBRIC 

______ Create a crossword puzzle using 15 key terms from THE NOTES for Chapter 12 and have someone try to complete it. Have the person who completed it sign it when they finish. 

B Layer: Choose 2 of the following assignments. Due Date: __________ 

_____ You are a woman in Asia during this time period.  Prepare a verbal presentation that compares the role of women in Asia during this time era to today’s role of women in Asian society.  How much has changed, and how much is the same.  Be specific on differences and do not generalize. 

_____ Create a PowerPoint presentation to display the achievements of Mongol Rulers during this era. RUBRIC 

_____ Using recent online or local newspapers, find 3 stories related to the roles of women in East Asia.  Then, compare and contrast what you found to what we have studied. RUBRIC 

_____ Prepare a food or drink Bring in to the class and share with the group. RUBRIC 

_____ Create or find a map of Eastern Asia. Highlight areas of China, Japan, and Korea and explain how the geography affected that region. Prepare a brief presentation to your group and the teacher that shares this information. 

A Layer: Choose 1 of the following assignments. Due Date: __________ 

_____ Complete the web-quest at the following website: 

_____ Research practices, ceremonies, etc. of East Asian culture.  Bring in items needed to present and demonstrate to the class an aspect of this culture. 

_____ Complete the web-quest at the following website: 

Students are required to involve parents in their education. Students will have parents sign their unit sheets after the A Layer has been graded.

Parent Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________ 

**Parents/guardians with questions can contact Mr. Ritter at or 885-2247 ext. 211. His plan period is from Noon-1pm daily to meet in person or accept/return phone calls.