High School Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)


Steve Ritter
LC Trainer
Clinton, MO.

C Layer: Choose enough assignments/activities for 70points.

  1. Take notes over lecture – 5 points each   1 2 3 4 5
  2. Write a letter to a friend explaining how to porpoerly select and store at least 5 types of vegetables – 10 points
  3. Create a chart that outlines what to choose and what to avoid in buying fresh vegetables – 10 points
  4. With a partner, create a PowerPoint about the different vegetable classifications and list and describe some of the vegetables in each group – 15 points
  5. Complete the worksheet over the food science principles of cooking vegetables – 10 points
  6. Take the online quiz over the science principles of cooking vegetables – 15 points
  7. Complete an oral summary to the teacher on how to prepare vegetables while still preserving their colors, textures, flavors, and nutrients – 15 points
  8. Complete the “Review what you have read” activity on page 279 – 10 points
  9. Flashcards over information about vegetables – 10 points

B Layer: Complete both activities

  1. Follow the directions of the recipe provided by the teacher to prepare the vegetable dish – 20 points
  2. TOP CHEF Quick-Fire Challenge! Create your own recipe using any combination of ingredients provided by the teacher with vegetable as your main dish – 40 points and 5 points extra credit to the group who has the guest judges’ favorite!

A Layer: Choose 1 assignment for 20 points

  1. Should we be eating vegetables when chemicals have been used to preserve them?
  2. Are vegetarians healthier people? Examine immediate and long-term healthiness.