High School Math – Pre-Algebra

Factors, Fractions, and Exponents 

Steve Ritter
LC Trainer
Clinton, MO.

C Layer: Choose enough assignments for 140 points

  1. **Required - Take the unit pre-test. Any sections w/ 100% scoring results in opt-out.
  2. Notes – taken via lecture or copied from the textbook (5 pts. Each)

      4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7

3. **Required - Complete 1 from each lesson at 10 points each:

      Lesson 4.4:

  1. Complete the Chapter Review p. 210-213 (5 points each section)
  2. Complete a section worksheet (choose up to 3 at 5 points each)
  3. Complete “Code Sleuth” Activity (5 points)
  4. Searching for the Mystery Numbers Activity (5 points)
  5. Crossword Puzzle Activity – 5 points
  6. Oral Summary / Q&A  (one-on-one) with the teacher over chapter (10 points)
  7. Complete the “Parents as Partners” Activity for the Chapter

B Layer: Choose 2 at 20 points each.

  1. Bulletin Board Activity
  2. Bring in a food or drink to demonstrate fractions
  3. Estimate the distance from your house to school. Use exponents in 3 different forms of measurement to submit your answer.

A Layer: Choose 1 at 20 points each

  1. Select a profession.  Why would it be important to understand factors, fractions, and exponents in that profession? Provide examples for each.
  2. Calculate your yearly budget based on jobs, allowance or any other income and how you spend it. If you were told to cut 1/8 of your budget, what you cut and why?  What if you were told to cut ¼ or ½?